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Advance informed the news has not disclosed.MACLEHOSE nodded.He agreed with the recommendation to implement the new Institute of Technology Li Xuan preparatory work as soon as possible.

  From out of the Government House, Li Xuan feel very good.He originally thought that tonight just to take one off games have to deal with it.But I never thought MACLEHOSE before he left office, determined to promote the construction of the second of the Polytechnic of Hong Kong.This is regarded as a pleasant surprise for Li Xuan.
  The next morning, early came Verses Li Xuan’s office, to his boss before going to a brief description of the station – the outcome of negotiations on the Gulf: “We and Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park Authority has reached a preliminary agreement, the other party is willing to draw out of a 5 hectares of land to us, for the construction of fabs and chip packaging and testing plant!And Hsinchu County Government is willing to give us the greatest benefits and convenience in tax, administrative examination and approval and other work!”
  ”Taiwan – Bay ITRI although the introduction of complete sets of semiconductor technology from RCA company back in 2076, but after all, the institute is a public institution, numerous internal problems, efficiency is not high!
  Just last year spun off from ITRI was founded UMC.Although it is building a 4-inch fab, but they are very limited technical strength, targeting only the low-end chip market!We went to Taiwan – Bay factory new, technically much more abundant than the Hualian Electronics, is the real high-tech companies!”Li Xuan said with a smile.He had collected detailed information.Taiwan – Bay aspects of the enthusiasm shown not surprised.
  ”Yes, Xu Xianxiu chairman of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Science and Technology Commission under the Executive Yuan Science Park Administration Director He Yici,