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I went to visit the city talent?James Wong rumors bluntly rebuked disgusting

  Beijing time on March 2, according to "Cleveland honest people" reported that the recent news that LeBron – James in person during All-Star Weekend in Philadelphia (for the kids) private investigation, which led to speculation that James might He joined the 76ers this summer。 For this rumor, James denied in an interview today, and denounced the rumor was disgusting。
  "Pennsylvania?Do not。 what are you talking about?"When asked if he went to Philadelphia, visit the school's rumor, James looked confused," during the All-Star break, I went to travel, and then went straight to Los Angeles。
"Recently, the 76ers commentator claimed that James was seen to visit a local school in Philadelphia after the All-Star race。   But from the point of view of social media state James, All-Star the next day after the end of the race, he returned to Cleveland。
In the All-Star break, he and his family went on vacation together in Mexico。
  Today, Knight will play against the 76ers at home。
A few days ago, a Philadelphia local companies in the Cleveland area to buy three billboards, and to recruit James。
  He went to Philadelphia to visit the school's rumor, James, that have not heard, so he also asked reporters details。
When rumors understand the contents, James said: "disgusting。 "(Rosen) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。