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Guards are not really ah ah ah Yan Shuai burst value

  Roommate: “Yes, yes wants Japanese
  Day I will not have my baby days
  Jojo: “What have I to resist
  Woo, baby fairy is, no one can.
  I do not work ah.

Chapter 128
  Liang Xiaotang mosquitoes can be found printed on the neck Horch, other Xiguang course can be found.After uploading super site map, then soon emerge a lot of discussion thread about “strawberry print” of.
  - I picked this baby is the signal you love!
  - ah ah ah ah ah I want him grow strawberries!
  - makeup artist how are you, do not say that to cover it, so that influence public is not right?
  - away from home for six months, brought back a girlfriend, my heart is broken.
  Love rumors, once spread, many girlfriends wife pink powder are heartbreaking screaming, some extreme fans and even open Grilled Horch issued when abroad Weibo, an attempt to find a trace of the woman’s clues.
  Performances have been very happy, this is the so-called “strawberry India” pandemonium, then a medical student fans come out to roar: “Toxic do you?Mosquitoes India and strawberries are too close to India?”
  Solve the case, and his girlfriend are mosquitoes!
  Have also a fan of this turn chirp cry cry for laughs, but before the whole super-words are “jealous”, “