By - 管理


“We are poor not out of it at home?Pressing reason that we Chia Ah Fung home in the village poorer than it, and now I have nothing but light stained married sister, what a lot of money.”It really ginger heart some of the diaphragm should.
“Then how can the same?Now you should find a good match, like a married daughter, sister to do business in the future maybe have to let you help out a question, they say nothing to your wife or in the country face the country girls, not what a face thing.”
Jiang true “bass” is about to stand up: “Ah Feng is the best in my heart!”
After all, they like a girl, how can so nothing derogatory?
Ginger peach this moment, they find that they do not like to say too have become more careful, touched the ginger really Ni Lin, and quickly said: “I have just saying, you want to marry, they would have to ask my sister mean, I have also just for your sake.”
Jiang still face some really ugly, I do not know how, is to feel a little diaphragm should be a.
“Then I will go to sister.”Jiang really saying this, this