By - 管理

Ah, they’re crazy ah!”

  ”You’d naive, do not you think our road, it is leading to the waterfall?”
  Mo Yu heart immediately frowned, keeping a close eye on the shore in front of more and more wide, his face suddenly became pale.
  ”You mean, they exchange a sign of intentional harm us?”
  Leaves on White Heart Yu Mo thumbs, “you are not stupid.”
  ”That’s how to do ah, although only ten meters this waterfall, but is estimated to fall to injury, leaves white, you leave me, you will not dodge it, you jump directly to go ashore!”
  Ye white mouth brought back a hint of a smile, “you are saying, how can I let you down yet?”
  A sharp turn, the river finally appeared in front of the end, it was a very broad waterfall, the water is extremely turbulent, with not the slightest chance of stopping this.
  Seeing the falls from the fall, I saw Ye Baifei speed of a throttle, rudder suddenly killed by the hands of the right.
  Boats in the river which directly cross over, rushed to the shore!
  Both sides of the river shore slope, white leaf boat fast, it is easy to become washed up on shore, however, did not stop!
  Rattle as soon as, straight bottom