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Dull accepted.

After that the waiter actually cheeky easy, but fortunately, VIP area, as usual, repeated three times, the waiter back to the staging area, facing lie on top of the waitress said, “You go and some snacks on the guests and VIP area tea.”

The waitress lengleleng, “how?”

“But also how, but also delay the chant.”

The waitress face showing a trace of joy, she felt it was meant to be able to sink and opportunities on the intersection of North Star, hastened said: “OK le, I am ready to go.”

After getting delayed messages, An Wei Shen Zhen and North Star did not make too anxious, they come out early, that is, taking into account the issue of aircraft may be delayed, given the early time, the aircraft will not be delayed to disturb them table travel.

And then some care in Ann Wei Zhen next time the old man, just an arrogant waitress is back.

She VIP area around the circle, put the rest of the pastry all meaning assigned after a pair of eyes firmly fixed on Shen North Star, re-took out a dish from the dining car dessert, the waitress walked stature curl Shen North Star’s side, suddenly heard muffled Jiaochen, her stature Wei, Shen North Star were barely go out into the arms tossed away.

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