By - 管理

To the window.

  Behind closed curtains, she went to hide in the woods a pair of blood-red eyes.
  With blood-red eyes of crows called out to the sky, flap its wings and flew up into the sky.
  Donna frowned crow a quiet blue of the sky and flew toward the edge Mans, Zhanla number of the black crow feathers, shadows disappeared in the horizon.
  Donna stared at the direction of the shadows disappeared, she did not know metaphysics of the world, there is no way to control animals.But the raven blood-red eyes reminded her of a black magic: Wanwuzhiling.
  Wanwuzhiling can melt the soul biological, the other side of his body became flesh incarnation, the soul is smelted creatures will have a pair of blood-red eyes, just as Raven.
  Donna shut the curtains, sat back on the bed.
  Appeared in Beijing to know the nature of evil spirits television contracts, it said that “Do not harm sacrifice,” then, on parchment matrix method in possession of thirteen magic muttering, there appear tonight in the window, a person is likely to be the incarnation of the blood-ocular crow –
  There must be a personal quietly watching everything in the dark.
  And a man not her world, and she is from a world where people who inherit what.
  Donna suddenly wanted