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people!Let me coolies forests, Kobayashi me down generational!Trained, trained, trained,!”

  Lin Hao who dislike to shake off the Lancashire Qi, and then very happy to take up winter drive on the shoulder, proud greeting: “The way the winter ah!This time, you should follow the distant changed his tune it to, call his brother to listen to, or brother-also called into!”
  Four had often scrape together in a bamboo forest over the summer vacation of children, but also up and down the most is worse than two years old.Table Gexia Qi Lin Hao and cousins who are only one year away from the big XIA than small winter Cheng less than a year old, Lin Hao who is more than just big eight days Qi Xia.I grew up racing each other to make themselves heard his brother shout.
  After the age of seven or eight, and Qi Xia Lin Hao who would not hear because of politeness, shouting Cheng winter a brother, and who to let Lin Hao Qi Xia call his brother, played all day chipping away of all martial arts.
  I feel that while my heart the most irritating is his real sister, childhood neighbors are following the false ass brother turn back before winter Cheng brother, the brother Cheng Dong, can own as a true brother, but always from her less than a cry like a baby here fishing to sell Meng brother to listen, really very angry.
  But XIA away very confidently, do not cry shouting brother, that depends on there