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Shilanghuiming?”He slowly blinked his eyes, lips and laugh some meaningful.

  ”I have heard before, he is the very well-known scientists.”
  She spoke some fast speech rate, he grabbing Lianmei, hands on her spine rhythmic pat her on the back.
  After a while, he said: “He is now doing experiments in the country absolutely confidential, the base was built in Ai Dila, I’m afraid Shen Qing problem, contact the Lang Hui Ming, this time base, just out of the question, he let my trip back to base.”
  Xin long micro turned around, his eyes are beautiful jaw line, she asked the same silly: “Lang Hui Ming back to base to find you, you are just like them.”
  ”Very surprised?”He gently rubbed her hands, great soft touch, and could not help but comfortable squinted,” if not he let me back to base, I could not find you so timely.”
  Micro Sim never thought for a long time, things will be a coincidence.
  It turned out that her attempt to live as.Body test body to sell a few guilty.Crime officers, the base from the beginning to catch the line is where Lang Hui Ming, but deal with them is not his own, but his other two special assistant Shoudexia.