By - 管理

Leaning on forest health, Suzi Han did not let hurriedly back him up, “I’m sending students to the hospital, you continue to shoot it.”

  The ignorant: “I have to go!!”
  Zhou Yi Lan: “I also!”
  Forest Health ignorant toward a weak smile, “the older generation, my own body’s own clear, nothing serious, you still continue to shoot it, the crew plans to have the crew, not delayed.”This sentence is said to listen to the wheat.
  ”But,” wheat eyes are deep concerns about the color.
  Forest Health Suzi Han patted on the shoulder, “not hurt, son Han brother, do not go to the hospital, call a doctor to look like a B & B.”In terms of their identity, such as non-essential, preferably less appear in crowded places, or have to cause a sensation on the Internet.
  Suzi Han’s face that says do not agree, repeatedly stressed in forest health is all right, he was carrying a forest health, sent him to the car crew.
  Mei Lan and Zhou Yi to continue shooting.
  Lin-sheng pushed under Suzi Han’s shoulder, “sub-Han brother you to shoot it, it does not have to stay with me director?”Two components of the program director to accompany them together.
  Suzi Han shook his head, stared at the foot of the forest raw wound, cheeky self-blame, “I promised discipline always take care of you.”
  Forest Health: “This is how blame How about you, that I did not