By - 管理

You will see what Macabre.I was a fairy in the end, I do not understand intrigue mortals, even trying to check, and now still ended up this way.I am here to assure you that, after the signing of warm air artist, I definitely full checks!!”

  ”Of course, this did not last if the red, it must be very bad luck Zhang Yun’s sake.”
  ”.”Anyway, you’re never right, right?
  [Obviously something sincere and real, then, is always looking for little fairy uttered beat the taste]
  [Ha ha ha ha, really worried Zhang Yun and Miu Miu will join forces killed fairies]
  [They did not dare to do ah!!!]
  [Fairies did not feel sorry ah, we all know and see your efforts!!]
  [I want to say, fairy efforts where?But no brains to support small fairy ~ ~ ~]
  [Newcomers really easy to find, my family and relatives in brokerage firms, and also I’m gonna live it in our class graduation photo]
  [Think about some casting directors on the election two years, you know how bad it is when a star]
  [I also received a card scouts do, my friend went to the interview, so pay five hundred, she ran through the urine escape]
  [My friends are my family]
  [I can recommend to newcomers do little fairy?My class school grass, really good looking kind]
  [I think I can also recommend ah]
  [Before recommending I would like to ask my opinion, if people are not willing to do referral?]
  Lu seventy-one see comments and smiled, “thank you