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National Health Planning Commission advocate: a daze five minutes a day, healthy

  National Health Planning Commission launched the "5125" ( "I love me") the concept of healthy living, it is recommended: ① give yourself 5 minutes a day; ② sports 1 hour per day, a master motor skills and join a community movement; ③ day more than 12 kinds of food intake, more than 25 kinds of food weekly intake。
Today you daze yet?  The study found that people in the time of white matter more active。 Therefore, in a daze can enhance people's creativity, "reminiscent of the method others would not think"。
Meanwhile, researchers found that by functional magnetic resonance technology, when people in a daze, the brain responsible for focus areas of the brain will calm down, and be responsible for memory, and imagination evaluation of brain regions but it will become extremely active, that is, that is the essence of a daze "think about life."。 But in a daze time not too long a time is best not more than five minutes。
  Enhance brain memory US scientists found that regular can temporarily venting all kinds of information the brain, α brain waves in the brain will be strengthened。 And this is the brain waves of cortical layers of the brain, which inhibit the function of information overload can make people's attention more focused and ideas in order to improve bad mood, reduce stress, relieve anxiety。
At the same time, also can enhance the brain's memory。   Enhancing the creativity and creativity is the white matter of the brain's decision, it can promote the activity of the cerebral white matter, and the more white matter activity, creativity will be stronger。
  Active activity brain cells of human brain waves will exist when there is mental activity, even during sleep which still exist between the brain waves in hertz; and some patients suffer from mental mania in the excitement brain wave frequency energy to 30-40 Hz; study found that when people at the time, only brain waves 8-14 Hz, although this time the people's awareness activity weakened, but it is awake and relaxed state, therefore, such a state is a very good regulators, often highly stressful for some people who are very good in terms of。