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Members of wisdom, no one can confidently say that they master the entire family a huge arm.

  Li Xuan plagiarism out of the ERM-1 architecture, only the most basic part of another time and space arm architecture.ERM want to achieve in this life as a brilliant arm in another time and space, by no means alone Li Xuan open about Goldfinger can be done, so he did not cheat Guards.
  Li Xuan’s strengths is to rely on their own experience to grasp the correct direction of scientific research, specific technical development work also requires a lot of research talent to complete.R & D staff ERM project from the initial group of a dozen people, has expanded all the way to today’s hundreds of people.
  But Li Xuan believe it is too little, at least thousands of people to meet the requirements.But if all these R & D staff recruited from high-wage, high welfare of the United States, the United Kingdom.Just the sum of salary expenditure is a very heavy burden.This is also one of the root causes of Li Xuan Hong Kong are willing to spend lots of money to support the development of higher education, and can not wait to expand research collaboration with the Mainland.After all, the cost of research in Asia, Europe and the developed countries is much lower than.
  Next.Li Xuan obscure put forward their concerns to themselves sitting across from Mr. Governor.MacLEHOSE outgoing, while the new governor took office will bring variable to the preparatory work of the school?So Li Xuan expect him to step down before the Governor to implement things down as soon as possible, to make a fait.
  MacLEHOSE looked surprised Li Xuan, and even he is also just received notice of Downing Street, telling him to retire at the end of the outgoing.The front of this man seems to have its own news channel, has been