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  In case of Zhou Yu heard here but not as good as she relaxed, but still frowning.
  She also wanted to find Qin Bo, but they did not telepathy, how to find ah?
  Liu Qin Fei to see her this way, quickly converge from their own relaxed look, comfort: “Do not worry, Mr. Chin also do.Qin Bo whatever the outcome, his own son, he would not be left unattended in.”
  In case of Zhou Yu, although I think her words and his own fears does not matter, but still appreciate nod.
  I hope the Qin Ming Jue really be able to quickly find him.
  They are talking about Qin Jue Ming, accompanied Yan Suxin now in hospital for tests.
  The latter mood is fairly stable, but it was in front of outsiders, such as an out of the hospital, her face on untenable, the people are in a trance.
  Qin Ming Jue this look at her, but also distressed and guilt.
  He whispered comfort, there are gloomy eyes flashed.
  Since heartless man, do not blame yourself unjust.Can Bo Qin Yan Suxin and whereabouts are hiding down, he thought it could hide, he is his own try to fool you?
  Outside by themselves born controversy, Qin Bo knew nothing.
  He was just approaching Yang after night, had a faint glimmer of intuition – if that time was too late, he was just cutting off