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After that happened, he absolutely will not let her alone the.

  Small egg nodded, and look at the girls around, think again before really regret the world’s great wonders, who would have thought, when he was so disgusted subsidizing prostitute, it will be his wife
  Fortunately, there was no face to face scolded her, or be miserable.
  Sheng Qiao waiting on this side, the other end has Horch admission began to participate in the conference, sent a high-definition front Liang Xiaotang site map, and then asked her: “My son strawberry on your neck is kind of you.”
  Sheng Joe: “I did not I did not nonsense
  Liang Xiaotang: “Well, this is what kind of wild woman
  With a high-definition shots off the neck, there is a small red marks.
  Sheng Joe: “” should be a mosquito bite, yesterday my room there overnight.
  Liang Xiaotang very disappointed: “Six months gone, fuck, such a good chance that you actually did not grow strawberries.”
  Sheng Joe: “I always feel good evil, Xiabu Qu hand.
  Liang Xiaotang: “My son is three years old, do you want to suffocate him I command you immediately to fulfill human reproduction blood obligations and responsibilities
  She suddenly remembered the previous time was in college, roommates one day from her circle of friends tons of hair to the color value of Horch.Amway turn a blind eye to her before, now take the initiative to come to kneel lick
  Roommate: “Before I was blind I was wrong your husband really good look at me crazy Liao
  Jojo: “” is not