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Him like this, he smiled and quipped: “So, surely someone of your heart?”

Jiang did not really tweaked, he related to Ah Feng said, had called yesterday also intends to come back just like Jiang Chu said, good to propose marriage, who knows ginger peach suddenly came back, held up, at the moment ginger peach asked , he also bluntly the.
“I really have a favorite person in the Zancun Fung Ah, I also intend to say with my sister, let her come forward to help my door propose marriage.”Hey Jiang really smile.
Ginger peach surprised a moment, his face a little to find it too difficult to hide: “Ah Feng?Today you identity with a lady is appropriate, and that Ah Fung family ”
Say something nasty, ginger peach let her come to think really when Jiang was almost a concubine.
Jiang really direct a stiff stiff, his sister said would have happily with their favorite people, no one thought, sister is such a reaction, he seemed sometimes some response, however, do not come to accept this sudden change sister.
She seems to have changed.
Because in the past, I never really can not believe ginger ginger peach would say such a thing to the