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Really funny.”

  Cao Xiu face a little embarrassed, sheepish grin, “This is not prepared for it.”
  Sakata looked after these black people, you close your eyes no longer speak, in his eyes, Chinese people are not worthy to talk to him.
  Cao Xiu is Pieliaopiezui, Hsin Tao island devils can really loaded to force, but for that I really want to kill white leaves, you will not spend a fortune here, pretend to be a large flap garlic.
  ”Let the Red companion, get Xiaoxiao Sasa.”
  White and Mo Ye Yu heart while playing on the boat, singing, did not realize foot of crisis.
  If Cao Xiu and Pan saw a new piece of scene, died vomiting blood will.
  And leaves white sit side by side, Mo Yu heart really feel very happy, very insecure.
  but.My peach blossom, how is he to die!
  Mo Yu heart is the proliferation of small mind when, suddenly found the entire waterway becomes more steep and swift, and looked back, and did not find a new Pan and big strong figure, Mo Yu heart suddenly shocked.
  ”How they disappeared people?”
  White leaves a faint smile, “I must have gone the other way, right.”
  ”what?But the road falls