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But the little Lord Shen Kyoto, how thick a leg ah, he really can, and she’ll only need to consider one thing, and that is how much money they can spend?

Waitress can not help but fall into their own delusions which, no wake, however, for she is a woman, even Shen North Star glimpse feel unworthy.

And then on the other side, waiting for Father to sit down, he was there and no one gave him a cup of tea.

After seeing Ann Wei Zhen, low step on this company who is also holding high the endless disgust.

Father poised eyes looking at look from the bag out of a thick book, do not care there is no one to give him tea, books spread out, he relaxed and began to read.

And at this time, to another waiter, the waiter actually better than the previous two, most surfaces like a show out of courtesy.

She was a little regret watching the crowd sitting in the VIP area, “Sorry distinguished guests, you ride this flight was delayed two hours because of the weather, ask you to be patient, later on we will prepare some snacks for you, please VIP understand and appreciate, thank you.”

VIP area most people have experienced this kind of thing more than once, twice, in general, is