By - 管理

“I’m asleep!”

  Yu Ze funny and reluctantly went over to the big crooked pupa moved to put away the pillow.
  A vain and tender little hands stretched out from the quilt.
  Palms up.
  .What does it mean?
  After Yu Ze hesitated a moment, to put his hand up.
  The next second, her hands turned over, snapped hit the back of his hand, a loud bang.
  Donna opened a quilt, confidently staring at him: “Who needs your foot bug?I do Valentine’s Day gift?”
  Yu Chak said: “.There waking up.”
  ”Really?”She looked at him suspiciously.
  Finally coax her good, Yu Chak back to his room, lying in bed, remembering what happened a few hours ago, involuntarily smile in the dark.
  When he answered a God, he immediately dropped the mouth, back to the cold iceberg face.
  What are you thinking about Yu Ze?
  .Like a fool.
  He pulled the quilt cover to the head.
  In the dark again I could not help but raised mouth.

Chapter 73
  Donna bedroom getting ready for bed, and suddenly felt heart palpitations and a feeling of prying eyes Ruoyouruowu to take out.
  She opened a quilt out of bed, put on slippers go