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On both sides of the street waiting for the dazzling fireworks off one by one down, it really opened to the door, opened the door and into the New Year festive atmosphere in.

  XIA drive away winter holding hands, are grandparents grandparents in turn affectionately touching the face, then greetings.
  Poor opened the car all the way own son by the father and mother of a cold, forest heavy rock had caught the two like a firecracker workshop came out of a small youth, pressing and Qi Xia Lin Hao who Quban car stuff.
  Qi Xia moved two boxes of fruit on nothing more work, came over Tantoutannao, clamored: “shorty distant!Brother you have not seen for so long, and it fast enough caprice!Fast, shouting brother!where is my present!”
  ”What brother!You are a school brother!”XIA away though for a long time not seen Qi Xia reality, but also a lot of online communication, so many years later, a meeting and still had the same noisy,” Oh, we have to have twenty-four Kenichi!Do not test Kaobo ah?Sister school to learn it Kaobo?You can call me soon after Lin listen!”
  World War II forced the father and mother PubMed was successful summer Qi chest arrows, grabbed a trip just to move those things Lin Hao who trained, trained, crying: “You will bully Lin