By - 管理

Call system.

  He bowed his head in silence, his face grievances.
  Xin long micro found him in front of her poor equipment just come in handy, do not burden a little, and she to him this expression simply a heavy speechless right?
  Silent tacit, long Xin micro leaning towards him, “Xing twilight.”
  He reached out to embrace her, sip a Minchun.
  ”how did you find me?”She said,” I heard them say it was another single-handedly ran their dens trouble, when they received the news, immediately took me away from the basement, until that hostel.They said the man, you do?”
  ”Yes I am,” he touched her hair and sadly said, “I know you want other men to Ai Dila, I want to go with you, Shen Qing want to stop me, did not stop.”
  Like he always said like any other man deliberately, Xin long micro is good air is funny, but I heard he moved here, and my heart very happy.
  ”But after my plane had an accident,” a turn of his voice, see her face immediately become tense, chuckle loudly, “Take it easy, I’m fine, just.Lang Hui Ming can I do.”
  Xin long micro immediately transfixed.
  ”Ok?You think