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Su Qing would not be so eager to prove himself, so commit such a mistake.

  ”Zhao Yang Fifth, since you named to me, now that I’m here, I’m very sincere, you also should be some sincerity.”Chen took a step forward diving.
  ”Be careful!”Zhoucheng Xuan cautioned:” They might have guns.”
  Although there is no gunfire came, but the current situation Zhoucheng Xuan not easily judge, after all, would understand him to the mouth of the Su Qing, Zhao Yang five involved in the trafficking of drugs belonging to new use.
  For these people and drug dealing, you may have to prevent Zhoucheng Xuan.
  Although the reality is not as long as the movie is bound to firearms as drug-related, but in the case of such transactions, the possibility of involving firearms is great.
  In fact, in reality, it is the transport process is almost no drug dealers with guns, because guns consequences only increases the risk of transportation, increasing the chance of being caught, for those who are not is a good thing.
  So transport is the easiest arrest of drug traffickers, as long as the general will be found without a fight.
  But there is a certain amount of trading was not the case, in the course of a large-scale transactions in relation to the money, took the lives of these people dare to do such a wicked business, nothing more than a word for “money”!
  All they are for the money, so when it comes to money will be careful