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Sexual pain disorders may be a signal!Male and female sexual pain factor

Causes of male sexual pain disorders are some of the main factors, pain during intercourse often appear just a signal, which may hide many diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems。 Then the factors leading to sexual intercourse pain during intercourse pain which is not really just pain, which may be a sign of disease, be sure to pay attention to Hello。
Causes of male sexual pain causes pain during intercourse male variety, there are external factors and psychological factors, but also lead to organ inflammation, generally have the following: ◆ genital infections: In general, male genital infection or irritation cause pain, which is the most common cause, such as prostatitis, Seminal, urethritis, can cause painful intercourse。
◆ genital lesions: suffering from phimosis, phimosis who glans crown excessive deposition of dirt, stimulate the penis skin and make it allergy or inflammation, pain during intercourse inevitable。 ◆ arcuate penis: penis groove portion and the neck ulcers, scars after healing, congestive erection generate tractive pain during intercourse。
◆ penile fracture: Individual men carried away in the sexual life, deviations occur in replacing the posture, the man a sharp pain。
Penile fracture or deformity penile surgery, pain can also, for the above reasons, symptomatic treatment can eliminate the causes of female sexual pain during intercourse dyspareunia ● if the woman leucorrhea, acidity change, man penis skin irritation, dermatitis, or eczema。 ● sexual intercourse too frequent: over-indulgence, the sexual organs too tired to produce pain during intercourse is quite common。 ● Contraception factors: glial penis skin or condom contraceptive cream allergy, allergic dermatitis, pain during intercourse inevitable friction。
● stones or tumor lesions: such as urinary tract stones, or tumors, may also cause pain during intercourse man。