By - 管理

Shoulder, this moment, face to scare white, “life and life!Life and life, are you okay?”

  Forest health gradually recovered, the first time behind the concern is lifted up to Mei Lan Zhou Yi, “the older you okay?”
  Ignorant to wear pants, she sat behind the position, in addition to breaking point rub palms outer skin, nothing major.He frowned and said: “I’m mad at you feet -”
  Lin-sheng heard this, stared look to their legs, because the sake of wearing shorts, both knees were scratched hole, still on the ground taxiing a small distance, pull some big wound, blood along the skin to below stream, which also mixed with sand and dust.
  Lin-sheng realized his injury, pain will hit, he bit his lip.
  Hobble around with his arms Suzi Han and staff, trying to pick it up.
  ”Ah” Lin-sheng Tonghu cry, “the ankle, the ankle with a card!”
  ”Be careful!”Wheat pressed their hands.
  Suzi Han Lin discovered that students left foot stuck in Gulu, he let other people busy with palm car, himself slowly left out of the forest life, forest raw pain sweating, but there are still Suzi Han comforting mood:
  ”Sub Han brother, all right, do not worry.”
  Wipe to help Mei Lin-sheng, Zhou Yi Lan look of concern like.
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