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God gave my sister an angel to do

That spring, she saw all of the branches are covered with the same flowers: Smile.People courtyard of enthusiasm and she said hello, and asked her if she had nice story, there is no nice ballad, her bright smile in return to the people, to forget his lame leg, felt happy heart, as if to fly.She felt like I had just come into this world, everything is so fresh.Flowing air, slowly drifting white clouds, bright sunshine, gentle face.She knew, as given to all of this, is the sister of magic.A sunny beautiful world.She and her sister are twins, looks exactly the same, the only difference, she was lame.Her resentment unfair of God, all the resentment, bowls, cups, pots, she has access to all the things will be her punching bag, her world is getting narrow, too small to tolerate any one pair of loving eyes.Because born with disabilities limp.If this face is not beautiful it when, God has chosen to let her birth flower face.These two branches how ugly can not be worthy of the flower blooming flowers, she always says of her legs and her face, the girl sensitive heart so that she rarely out of the house, but did not dare to compound , stay at home every day.A child afraid of meeting people, horror and looked outside world.She give yourself a window, you can see outside things.See healthy people, to see those legs straight, to see those beautiful clothes, happy to see the figure of those bounce, they let her grief more intense, unable to extricate themselves.Birthday, gave her only a few minutes older than her sister a gift – a dancing doll.She was thrown it aside, crying hysterically: You know that I was lame, but also gave me something that can dance, you are not deliberately to provoke me ah!Tears in his eyes of her sister, the sister she was in constant reassurance.She knew that her sister is innocent.She was refusing to go to school, parents had to scrimp and save, as she invited a tutor.Content and school courses of sync.Because of her hard work, academic performance has been good, and my sister do the same every time the papers, she will be a bit higher than her sister.Every examination, parents will praise her about it, on the contrary I will not blame sister study hard in school, always fun.Which she was very balanced, determined to learn, be sure to use a broad range of knowledge to make up for their physical defects.That summer, my mother bought her a pretty pink skirt.She secretly put on, feeling like a dancing butterfly to fly, not daring to move for fear of their own ugly came to prominence.She likes her pink skirt, the kind of love the bright colors, but she is still sad, lamenting that he is a broken butterfly wings.She kept inside the house every day, look in the mirror, looking sadly mirror motionless bird butterfly.She became indifferent to make your own specimens.Due to poor health, every day at noon she must catch some sleep.Recently, however, she always felt that sleep is not practical, there is always a dream not a dream, trance feeling.At noon that day, she heard someone crept walked in, she saw her sister in Mongolia in a trance, secretly took her pink skirt.She was angry, but feel curious to know what the sisters do in the end, they pretend snoring issue.Through the window, she saw her sister wore a pink skirt to compound.She tried to suppress the hearts of jealousy, wanted to see her sister in the end in what is playing tricks.Sister enthusiastically and everyone said hello, let her surprise, her sister even learned to walk like a limp, almost lifelike, let her feel that person is her own.And her own heart clearly, she is the courage to come to the compound.Many consecutive days, my sister while she will be at noon nap to steal wear her clothes.Several times, she wanted to expose her, but eventually fight back anymore.People are Amy, my sister is no exception, besides my sister danced so well, should have good clothes to go with, but she does not understand is why my sister is not a good walk, but had to learn the way she limped it?Every day at noon, she will be through the window, looking at her sister while helping grannies Cabo while singing beautiful songs, while helping aunts vegetables while speaking with her to listen to jokes, great deal of laughter.She had to admit, my sister is the real butterfly ah, my sister let the quiet courtyard of spring.For all this, she did not pretend to know.Suddenly one day, her sister told her to go for a walk with her to the compound.In fact, her heart has been yearning to go out, like deer longing for the mountains.She hesitated, my sister was very stubborn, to help her put on a pink skirt, I just strapped her out the door.It was a pleasant spring ah!She took a deep breath of fresh air, across the gorgeous colors.People smiled at her, the delicious, fun are clamoring to her, she did not understand why people are so good to her, not a little rejection and ridicule, not at all embarrassing sympathy and compassion, some just smile, relaxed and happy smile.They say that there is dressed in a pink skirt, lively and happy little girl wearing a disability of two pigtail, brought them a lot of joy, she is an angel here.Despite her limp, side to side, funny and exaggerated gesture, but everyone thought it was an angel dance.Later, she knew, her sister’s appearance is to allow people to accept her sister just wanted to let her out of that dark musty room.We regard as her sister.Later, she knew, that piece pink skirt parents to buy her sister, sister to wear to prepare the province to participate in dance competitions.But the sister said, let his sister wear it, to borrow his sister when the tube on the line.Later, she also knows, and every time they do the papers at the same time, when my sister always intentionally wrong a few questions, so she always scores higher than her sister, her sister said that her sister would be happy.It is only when that is my angel, in fact, not the angel just wear my clothes.Her tears, wrote in his diary, thank God, give my sister an angel to do.She makes me feel so happy, she gave me the courage to embrace the sun.