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God gave him a Mickey Mouse

Flooding torrent of human life, not hear of islands and reefs, it is difficult to create beautiful waves.- Ostrovsky this is a lonely young artists, in addition to the ideal, he had nothing.For ideal, he decided on a long journey, came to Kansas City to make a living.At first he went to a newspaper office candidates, want to make them work.Around the newsroom have a good artistic atmosphere, this is what he needs.But after reading the editor of his works shake their heads, that the lack of new ideas and works not hiring.It made him feel very disappointed and depressed.All young people to go out and conquer the world, he begun to taste the taste of defeat.Later, he finally found a job for church painting.But pay is very low, he was unable to rent a room, had to borrow an abandoned garage as a temporary office.He will work hard every day in this garage full of gasoline into the night.Especially annoying is that every time the lights out, you can hear a mouse squeak sound sounds and jumping on the floor.For tomorrow have enough energy to go to work, he endured.Perhaps tired, he will be able to lay the floor to sleep Hu Hu.In this way a mouse and a poor painter peaceful coexistence, the idea is to make this abandoned garage full of life.One day, when tired painter looked up, he saw a pair of shiny little eyes dim light.Is a little mouse, if a few years ago, he would devise all kinds of tricks to kill the mouse, but now he does not, a dead rat Is it more interesting than live rats?Suffering has made him have great artists have feelings of compassion.He smiled watching this cute elf, but it was like a shadow leavened.Hu Xiao wind out of the window, he listened to the sounds of nature sounds, and feel they are not alone, whatever the outcome, there is a rat with his neighbors, it will come, like a shy little girl, with this conviction, he was hard at work.Sure enough, the little mouse time and time again, not just at night.He never hurt it, did not even scare.It is doing a variety of sports on the floor, performing exciting acrobatics.And he, as the only audience, then award it a little bit of bread crumbs.Gradually, they trust each other, we established a friendship with each other.First, he is far away from the mouse, to see him it means no harm, then a little closer.Finally, mice climbed drawing board audacity of his work, and rhythmically jumping on top.And he does, it will never go away, but quietly enjoying its close affection.Soon, the young painter to leave Kansas City, was introduced to Hollywood to make a mainly animal cartoons.This is an opportunity to finally get him, it seems ideal to see the door open a crack.Unfortunately enough, he again failed, and therefore not only the poor have no nothing, and once again unemployed.How many sleepless nights agonizing over him in the darkness, he doubted his talent, really doubt yourself worthless, he pondered their way.Finally one night, just as he was down and out unbearable moment, he suddenly remembered the Kansas City garage dog that climbed jumping mouse on his drawing board, inspiration flashed a bright light in the dark night.He quickly got up, pulled lighting, support from the easel, and immediately draw the outline of a mouse.Throughout history, the greatest animal cartoon characters – Mickey Mouse was born so trivially.Inspiration only favor the minds of those who think.The young painter was later one of America’s most famous characters – brilliant Walt Disney.