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Get angry with God’s voice

A long time ago, God does not dwell in heaven, but people live together and.They get along well, life is very happy.People are so respectful of God, when the cold weather, send firewood to warm him; the lack of time to eat, to send food to eat him.God does, everyone is treated equally, regardless of what the world is contradictory to look for him, he can be fair and reasonable to the appropriate mediation, both sides make oral mind.Therefore, when the ground people are very peaceful and happy life.But after God old man slowly up to him cold.For example the dry season, the weather is cold, people around the fire warming himself, God came over heating, people would deliberately alienate him.There is a woman even took a wooden pestle pound pounding cassava hurt his eyes.God was angry, he left the earth back to heaven.God was gone, the ground may disarray.Those chiefs acted unjustly, justice is not done, the evil has spread around the world began shrouded in pain and suffering.One day, God opened the window to be seen, understood everything happening on the ground, he was very sympathetic to people’s experience, they built a bridge, one attached to his house, one attached to the earth.In this way, the bridge connecting heaven and earth, people will be able to find him if something happens along the bridge.As a result, there has been a world of justice, people regain the peace and joy of life.One morning, God has opened the window to see a man and three women along the bridge, walks up.The four men all sounded angry, three women accused their husbands – the man abandoned them, fell in love with fourth wife; this man argued that there is no such thing.God did not hear it, so that one by one they take turns speaking, but they do not listen, always ring together four throat, God fights are confused, and therefore became angry.God was very angry loud, not only in heaven hear clearly, even could be heard clearly.People heard this terrible sound, scared quickly hid in the house went to the.Finished his fire, God will say to fight four people: all animals are my beck and call, only you do not abide by my rules.You get back to it, from now on, human thing I forget about it.And other four people back to the earth, God wave of his hand, the original bridge was gone immediately.Since then, people will not go to heaven, but the world is still well aware of the things of God.Saw the world not liking what happens, God is angry.God angry voices enlightening, people are very afraid.Today, as long as people did bad things, God will be angry, angry that sound that we hear thunder.