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What kind of boy will God arrange for you

We all know that nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable, fate is doomed to heaven, even if it is true love, there is no fate, finally will be separated. It is better to tear down a temple than to destroy a marriage. God also understands this truth. What kind of boys will he arrange for you? Let’s do a test together. 1、. One day, you find yourself suddenly turned into Snow White of “Snow White” inside. You will? I am very happy and unhappy and try to change back 2.. There are three apples in front of you, one of which is poisonous. Which one do you think is poisonous? Red apples, green apples, golden apples 3,. You are abused by your stepmother every day, and you hope her? Death, illness, disfigurement 4,. As Snow White, what are you most proud of? I have snow-white skin, I am a princess, and I can marry Prince 5.. The seven dwarfs are very kind to you. how will you repay them?? Give them money to build castles for them and give them 6,. The hunter saved you, what would you ask your father to give him?? A castle in Gold two thousand, a crossbow 7 on board,. Would you like to be Snow White all the time or would you like to return to modern society?? It doesn’t matter to be Snow White and return to modern society.. Which do you prefer to be, Snow White or The Snow Queen? Snow White The Snow Queen did not want to 9,. After becoming Snow White, will you still love your present lover?? Do you not know 10. What makes you hate most about being Snow White? If you want to get along with dwarfs, you must be poisoned by poisonous apples. a, domineering president will decide everything for you. whether you like to accept his help or not, he will impose his own arrangement on you. it is very cool to fall in love with domineering president. he will take you shopping and set foot in famous shops. he thinks it is suitable for you. you just need to wear it well and don’t consider the matter of paying the bill. at the same time, if you have any requirements, you’d better not bring them up, because he won’t allow, let alone reserve and refuse. refusal is invalid. B, handsome fresh meat looks fresh and delicious, and I want to take a bite when I see it.. If you have money and go out with this kind of fresh meat, others may think that you are raising Boy Toy, because you completely ignore the feelings between you. No matter how much you love each other, others don’t believe it is true love because of the disparity in appearance.. However, the greatest advantage of falling in love with fresh meat is to look good. It doesn’t matter whether he is happy or not. If you look comfortable, you just have to be in a good mood.. C. uncle sedate can cook soup, wash clothes, and take care of you in all aspects of life. although he may not support you to spend money indiscriminately and buy whatever you don’t have to buy, he really loves you. pet you is like pet a child, but the requirement is to be obedient. although you are cute to him when playing the woman, and although he is willing to tolerate your small temper, most of the time he will still control you and won’t let you behave in such a way, lest you become bad.. D, young talents have a successful career at a young age, do things in a measured way and are smart. although they are honest, they are not rigid.. It is the envy of many men and the object of many women.. With this kind of boy, I have more face and hope in your life. I don’t need to spend money with the rich second generation, nor do I need to feel poor. He can give you, Everything You Want, the love life of two people is much admired.. You may also like the following contents: what style of love route do you follow? does he love your skin or soul??   EQ Test: Harvard EQ Test Enneagram of Personality Test: Test what kind of personality you have