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God will not give all you want

He was born in Illinois, an ordinary worker’s family, poor family, childhood and boyhood memories has been shrouded in poverty, he often heard the sigh parents a person’s life issued at night.To school age, he even not a pair of decent shoes, only wearing a pair of darned again and again shabby shoes to go to school.Every day, she saw her classmates wearing beautiful shoes running around, he was very envious, at heart longed to be able to have a nice pair of shoes.Near Christmas, he heard students say that, on Christmas Day, when the clock struck 0:00 pm, everyone can make a wish to God, the things you want to tell God, and God will be able to meet your requirements.He heard, very happy, the students say: I want a nice pair of new shoes, and how can I say God?He told the students: 0:00 pm just after Christmas and into the street any company with a shoe shop, and the boss said to your request, the boss will put the shoes on behalf of God to you.Christmas finally arrived, approaching zero when he came to the street and saw a shop lights, Gezhechuangzai could see a row of beautiful shoes on shelves inside, he selected a pair, and then said to the boss : boss, it’s Christmas, I especially like the shoes, you can talk about God and had the shoes for me?Boss surprised a moment, looked at his feet wearing old shoes, and immediately understand how the story.Boss shoes take over, he said: Well, I’ll go and talk about God.Then he took the shoes went to the back room.After a child, the boss came out, his hand shoes leaving only one, he put the shoe to the little boy and said: God says he will not give all the things you want, you can only give a shoe, the rest of the bird shoes, need to find your own way to make money to buy.The little boy asked: how much money I can get the other shoe yet?The boss said: two dollars you can get the other shoe.The little boy said: Well, I go back and think of ways to make money, it would only give me the shoes you have to keep!The boss smiled and said: Do not worry!So the little boy holding a shoe back home, put shoes on the box and took out every day to see it again.He began to think of ways to make money, he thought there are people who throw trash box a few drinks every day, so I get up early every day for an hour to pick up trash drink box, and then sold to local recycling, and to exchange some money back.He put up all the money, not spend one minute, two months later, he finally got enough of two dollars, happily went to that store, gave the money to the boss, the boss praised him about it, the other shoe to him, since then, he has a nice pair of new shoes.The little boy grew up, worked in a variety of occupations, lifeguard done, commentators, broadcasters, etc., although encountered many difficulties, but he is tenacious overcome.Later still, he entered show business, became a household name star.In mid-1966, he entered politics, was elected governor of California, and in mid-1980 has been elected US president, he is Ronald?Reagan.During his presidency, Once, Reagan biographer of an interview, writer Reagan Recall that in his growing up, his influence on the growth of what is the biggest thing is that Reagan talked about the child that Christmas shoe to God for the things.He said: I learned later, a pair of shoes of the original price of $ 38, half the price should be $ 19 to boss me for only two dollars, but wanted me to understand a truth: God will not give what you want all, he will only give you part, and partly rely on your own efforts to fight.Since then, I put these words in mind whenever the face of setbacks in their careers, I would encourage myself with these words.To recommend the latest information sauna