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Is there a miracle in your love in the first half of the year?

Is miracle the exclusive possession of heaven for the darling of the world, or is it the universal benefaction to all things on the earth just like the long drought meets the showers?? When you are still immersed in the pain brought by love, do you hope there will be miracles to help yourself this year? Is there a miracle in your love in the first half of the year??   1、. If an ugly person pretends to be a beautiful and handsome man on the internet to pursue you, you will not know the truth until you promise. what will you do?   A, I will leave her dishonest person can’t love -3 B, I will continue to love her person is not appearance -2 2, if you are a woman, what kind of man do you want to marry?   A, rich men -4 B, men who love themselves exclusively -5 3, when buying things, clearly give the seller money, but the seller insists not to give, what do you do?   A, from recognize unlucky, silently turned around -6 B, must contend for a height with him understand, does not contend for steamed bread to earn breath -7 4, one day you walk on the road, fell from the sky a piece of silver ingot, what will you do?   A, confiscate -8 B, take home for collection -9 5, which of the following two mountains do you think is more magnificent, where would you like to go if you have the chance?   A, Lushan mountain -6 B, Huangshan mountain -11 6, now how many love do you belong to, do you still feel about the first love, how do you feel about the first love?   A, when it comes to his heart pounding -12 B, calm and warm-were you busy at work on July 13, 2010, did you recover from the spring festival holiday, did the company give you family leave in 2010??   A, no -14 B, yes -15 8, are you still in touch with your first love??   A, yes, we are still friends -16 pounds, there is no contact information, but we have never contacted -17 9, youth is apt to die, appearance is apt to get old, are you afraid of aging, about the method of delaying aging, which of the following do you want to use most?   A, firmly believe in scientific and reasonable diet -18 B, prevent body fat -3 10, suppose you have a friend who is introverted, not good at making friends with others, has few friends and doesn’t like lively occasions, so he is willing to be alone, it is difficult to get close to others, and feels that others also have distance to himself. do you think such a character needs to be changed??   A, to change, otherwise it is difficult to integrate into society -19 B, don’t force, just feel comfortable-211, if one day, a cartoon character appears in front of your eyes, who do you want to be below?   A, Tang’s monk -10 B, Hanamichi Sakuragi -11 12, if all conditions permit, will you go to cosmetic surgery?   A, I will definitely go to -13 B, I will definitely not go to -20 13. when I go out to visit during the new year, the most troublesome thing is to push the door open and enter, and then you are greeted by a messy home. Are you a very neat person?   A, super neat, even the drawer should be tidy -19 B, ok, basically very neat -20 14, if a woman does not work after marriage, when a housewife at home with her husband and godson, sooner or later will be abandoned by men, do you agree with this?   A, that is certain, women must stand on their own feet -20 pounds, the relationship between husband and wife is the most important, good feelings will not -16 15, assuming you are a woman, would you be interested in men who do not smoke or drink, would you love?   A, love, this is a good man -12 B, don’t love, not manly -16 16, love again at the beginning, married for a long time will not feel it?   A, yes-d, b, no -A 17, when everyone gets together for the new year’s eve meal during the spring festival, two dishes are served on the table at the same time, pickled cabbage fish and boiled fish. do you eat pickled cabbage fish or boiled fish first?   A, eat pickled fish first-a, b eat boiled fish first -C 18. if you have the habit of reading books before going to bed at night, what kind of books do you like to read most in bed??   A, romance novels -19 B, detective novels -18 19, the state stipulates that this year’s spring festival holiday is from the 30th of the lunar new year to the 6th of the first lunar month, assuming that it is not yet time to have a holiday, but many units and companies have already had a holiday.. You also want to go home, so what is your excuse to the leader??   A, physical discomfort-D, B family has something -B 20, the current population flow is quite large, many service industries are participated in and operated by foreigners, the Spring Festival holiday, foreigners are ready to go home to New year, what do you feel they go home to your local life and your family have changed?   A, it is inconvenient to do many things-Caribbean sea, there is no obvious change-b test results: a, miracle index current position miracle is not the rain in the sky, if it rains, lucky and unlucky people will have the opportunity to share a few drops. You should know that miracles are not so easy to happen to everyone. Your love will continue to develop naturally in the first half of the year. No miracle will happen.. However, it is better to do this. The more insipid the love, the more it will show the true meaning of love between you. When your love goes to the place where you are unhappy, you don’t all hope to save it by miracle, do you?.   B, Miracle Index: ★ ★ ★ Maybe your love life did not go well in 2010. Either your lover can’t make you 100% satisfied, or you haven’t found your lover yet.. However, this embarrassing situation is likely to change in the Year of the Rabbit. You will have a greater chance of meeting the right person, especially in the first half of the year, so you should try your best to focus on every possible opportunity around you and don’t miss it..   C. miracle index: ★ opportunity will always only favor those who are prepared.. So in the first half of the year, whether your love can have a miracle or not depends largely on yourself.. No matter how mysterious the love is, it is also a matter for both parties.. A slap does not make a sound. If there are contradictions and gaps between two people, and they often fight and are difficult, finding Zhang San or Li si cannot fundamentally solve the problem.. Don’t put your hopes on the miracle that heaven will give you.. To believe in one’s own energy, one must know that many disaster movies in Europe and the United States ultimately rely on the ability of the parties themselves to save Earth 2050: The Future of Energy..   D, miracle index: ★ ★ there is a miracle in the world called fate.. Two people who had never known each other before would come together because of such things as fate.. They may have never seen each other before and have no intersection with each other. It is also possible that they were the children of each other’s enemies before . but what is the relationship between them? it was fate that made them get to know each other and fall in love with each other.. In the first half of 2011, you will encounter the fate in your life, and Good Fortune will not be able to stop it.