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Simple recipe allows you to get rid of "belly woman"

  Many office workers due to prolonged sitting in the office, and lack of exercise, it is easy to accumulate fat in the abdominal position, and deep abdominal fat is fat。 Belly bulge grow up day by day, how to lose it?  In fact, the Chinese medicine theory, abdominal obesity often by a special body meridians — "take the pulse" caused by the blockage, therefore, want to say goodbye to the extra fleshy belly, first you have to let " with a pulse, "it becomes clear。
  "Take the pulse" jam = abdominal obesity In fact, as one of seven by eight veins "take the pulse", like the human body itself is equipped with a belt, and its main function is to "restraint by all"。
What is the role of the belt?Not just to let loose pants, so will a tightly on the waist belt。 In fact, the body's "take the pulse" also has this effect。
Other body meridians are vertical and longitudinal rows, only "with a pulse" laterally surrounds circle, if the vertical meridian with a stay so as rope, with a pulse once blocked, it will cause the body blocking the plurality of meridians are at the waist。   Many people will find that unconsciously, his stomach, waist fat more and more, and then how to cut also cut does not go。
In fact, this illustrates a truth, that is, "with a pulse" blocked, power is not strong enough, had no longer grow fat on the waist and abdomen。
Just as we belt is broken, there is no way to tie the waistband as fat will "bass bass" grow out。
  Note abdomen insulation, so as not to "take the pulse" stasis blocking attention to the abdomen insulation, and want low waist pants, Luyao installed to avoid "take the pulse" stasis blocking。 Chinese medicine believes that the human stomach is "the internal organs of Miyagi, yin and yang of origin"。 Abdomen yin, the yin to go through all the abdomen, such as the gall bladder, kidney, spleen, etc.。 If the stomach cold, it's easy to make with veins become blocked up stasis, so usually must pay attention to the abdomen, "warm", do not let the stomach cold。 When addition to insulation, but also doing moxibustion, fire power impact fire bath, hot iron and other maintenance therapy, because when a person's inherent yang insufficient, must be supplemented by means of external forces。   For beauty usually wearing low waist pants, Luyao installed, if do not want to grow fat on the belly bulge, it is necessary to change the dress habits。 Especially in summer, even though reheat, sleep, we should also protect the abdomen, thin quilts cover。
  Regular scrutiny "with a pulse" laxative to lose weight may want to make jam "with a pulse" smooth recovery, say goodbye to belly fat, an effective way is often the location of scrutiny with veins。
  Traditional Chinese medicine theory, often with a pulse scrutiny maintenance, a lot of advantages。 First, help fat metabolism, reduce fat, especially for abdomen and sides of waist fat diet is more wonders。 Second, it can increase intestinal motility, for people with constipation have a good laxative effect。
Third, it could allow meridian running faster, have ended with menstruation and liver stagnation line of action to eliminate all blood deposition by hot here, for the waist often feel cold and pain, dysmenorrhea and for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases have helped。
In addition, due to the three points on the "take the pulse" "take the pulse" (and by the same name, also known as "take the pulse"), five-axis, Victoria Road, and all the pressure on the gall bladder, so knocking "with pulse "have to beat with gall bladder, can play a role rid the body of toxins, often beat can also get rid of face acne and acne。   Eat almonds, soy products can flatten the abdomen Modern science has proved that the mineral magnesium almonds contained in the body to produce energy, build muscle tissue and maintain blood sugar necessities。 Stable blood sugar can prevent excessive hunger and obesity caused by overeating of。
However, the almond most amazing feature is that it can prevent the body's absorption of calories。
The study found that cell wall composition of almond can reduce the body's absorption of fat, therefore, before the stomach to digest almonds, it has put you change "thin"。 So, if you want to flatten the abdomen, you can eat a dozen almonds a day。