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Constellations with Emotional Crisis in the First Half of the Year

With the arrival of 2017, the feelings of the twelve constellations in the new year will begin to appear crisis, so let’s look at which constellations will have feelings crisis in the first half of the year..   Taurus Taurus will face more pressure in life and career in 2017. Taurus with a partner may be tested by family and career, and the relationship between Taurus and his partner may turn cold due to the difference in career direction. 2017 means more challenges and emotional instability for Taurus.. Too much pressure will make Taurus have no time to focus on emotion. Potential emotional crisis will easily explode this year..   Cancer in 2017 Cancer’s feelings can be said to be treading on thin ice, just like walking a tightrope at high altitude. You must be very careful to find the emotional balance to maintain it.. Cancer with a mate may need to expend more energy to maintain it because the level gap between themselves and their mate is getting wider and wider.. Due to the continuous effect of the earth and sky arch in 2017, you will feel all kinds of discomfort in your feelings. You need to keep a certain distance between the two, otherwise it is easy to make a decision of breaking up beyond endurance..   The crisis laid down by Virgo in previous years will eventually erupt in 2017. With the arrival of the last Pisces food phase in recent years at the end of February 2017, Virgo will begin to find that his other half is too controlling or self-sufficient, and will always quarrel with himself. All kinds of contradictions will present themselves in sharp forms.. Virgo begins to understand that evading is useless. It is time to consider the issue of taking and giving up. It is time to make a decision. No matter what the final decision is, this relationship will become an important turning point in your life.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.