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What are the characteristics of Taurus in Ascendant

Ascendant Taurus is characterized by a more stable temperament, a more peaceful attitude and a cautious and courteous attitude towards others.. The impression given by Taurus in Ascendant is the carefree and indifferent temperament of “picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence”. Taurus can calmly deal with many things and appears elegant and stable.. The patience and carefulness of Taurus can reconcile the impetuousness and recklessness of the fire sign when it encounters the rising Taurus, while the motivation and outward perception of the fire sign can make Taurus more lively and popular.. On the other hand, Taurus, the Earth Sun sign rising, is very reserved and works more carefully, giving people a sense of reliability and trust. However, it is easy to stick to details and is not decisive enough..   The potential characteristics are as follows: enjoy life and pursue material enrichment..   The specific characteristics are as follows: under the seemingly indifferent appearance, there is actually a stubborn heart, pursuing quality life, especially in the aspects of food and money, but naturally lacking of excellent appreciation ability. You won’t let go of the established goal easily. In most cases, you are in a state of winning in stability.. You like to let nature take its course and don’t want others to disturb you too much or give advice. You will choose to shield yourself from pressure from others.. Don’t love to make changes, the same is true for feelings, once you put in, you want to develop steadily all the time..   Appearance features: round face, wide shoulder and thick back, soft palm. The whole is a plump image..   The appearance includes the following contents: steady action, strong leg strength and the image of noble spirit as a whole.   The facial features include full cheeks, firm and soft eyes, short nose, thick lips and double chins..   Temperament of the following content: elegant calm, down-to-earth.   The style of action is as follows: leisurely, with its own pace of work, completing the work step by step in a planned way, and being able to cope with the work with a good attitude.. Be gentle and considerate.   The following contents of personality blind spot: stubborn, in the face of emergencies, will expose their impatient nature, too much attention to money, become haggle over every ounce.   The following are the characteristics of personality: gentler and more gentle in temperament and courteous in dealing with others.. Earth is like the Sun and Taurus are rising. They work conscientiously and gain the trust of others, but they are easily hesitant in doing things.. Taurus, the rising constellation of fire, the sun, is a wonderful encounter. Taurus’s innate patience and care neutralize fire’s recklessness.. Taurus’s introversion will add the active elements of fire sign.   Suitable for the following jobs: agriculture, finance, property management, commerce, food, fashion processing, large enterprises, sculpture, singer or drama. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.