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What are the characteristics of Aries in Ascendant

Aries in Ascendant is characterized by a love of freedom.. They will do whatever they want and forget the consequences.. Every day seems to have spent endless energy, never hide their feelings, have something to say, hold will produce internal injuries. Never afraid to argue with others, but never bear grudges afterwards.. It will be a person who makes decisions, acts and makes quick decisions.. The disadvantage is that Aries in Ascendant is not very cautious in speaking and doing things, pays little attention to leaving room, and lacks calm mind and careful thinking..   The basic characteristics are as follows: I like to take risks. I will try my best to win things I like and will never flinch. However, this enthusiasm is easy to come and go quickly. I am a person with fast emotional ups and downs.. Aries people are full of initiative, but they tend to give the impression of “dictator”, which is often not conducive to your work and harmonious relations with the people around you.. In times of difficulty and danger, you can fully demonstrate your character and courage and get people’s admiration and praise.. Aries, you never spare your strength in doing things. You would rather pay a huge price than strive for the best.. In short, you never bow before any difficulties or failures..   The following are the underlying characteristics: easy to go to extremes, excited and aggressive in doing things. He is not satisfied with a bland life and is eager to get ahead and work hard..   Appearance characteristics: Aries ascending people have distinctive facial features, their eyebrows and hair are likely to be more plump and curly, and their nose is prominent. Even if the nose is small, it usually tends to bow or turn over..   The appearance of Aries is as follows: Aries basically tends to have a medium height, a slim but strong body shape, and its overall temperament is extremely energetic and rapid. Aries has the courage to show his posture all over his body..   Looks the following content: single eyelids or inner double is the majority, the skin is good or bad depends on whether Mars is punished by the fierce star. Pluto is oily and prone to acne, Saturn has many moles, freckles and dark complexion, and Neptune is sensitive..   Temperament of the following content: Most people who rise in Aries are very naive, always keeping a pure and childlike heart, brave and impulsive, and it is easier to be childish when appearing from temperament..   The following contents of the style of action are: not satisfied with the bland life, eager to get ahead and strive hard, full of infinite passion in my heart.   The following are the personal characteristics: can’t stand criticism from others, afraid of not being noticed, likes outdoor and blue sky, has perseverance in doing things, is ready to regroup at any time, and continues to move forward, even in the case of complete failure, remains the same..   The following content is suitable for work: Aries you, the key word is vitality. Teachers, travelers, founders, advertisers, or jobs or occupations that consume a lot of physical energy, such as forestry and sports, military and machinery, are all suitable for you who are keen to discover, explore and exploit.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.