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What are the characteristics of Aquarius in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: Aquarius people in Ascendant are very rational and have strong control over their emotions. They are calm and calm when things happen. They can analyze and think rationally and calmly, and treat others with humility and courtesy.. Influenced by Ascendant Aquarius, you always follow your own path, do not follow the crowd and have your own ideas.. But because you won’t listen to other people’s advice, being opinionated will make you feel strange and too self-centered..   The specific characteristics are as follows: Ascendant’s Aquarius people tend to be independent and rarely have close ties with the crowd unless there is a need for work.. You prefer to think about life alone and quietly rather than in the heat and bustle.. You have your own unique mode of thinking and pursue reform and innovation.. You hate to be dominated by others and also hate to dominate others. What you prefer is to associate friends on an equal footing. You are very humane and compassionate. You take into account the interests of the group and pursue freedom and a life of your own free will..   Appearance characteristics: Body proportion is the best among the twelve constellations. He is neither thin nor too strong. There are many tall people. Although he is not outstanding in appearance, he has regular five palaces and can bear looking..   The following contents of the appearance: the appearance is thin, tall and straight, light and agile, without muscle feeling, the bone structure is good, with square shoulders and thin waist that are relatively flat and bony.. Limbs slender, fingers bony knot protruding, legs and ankles graceful lines, the whole body pigment is weak.   The facial features are as follows: square face, high and wide forehead, white skin color, light hair color, and the tendency of juvenile white hair. After middle age, white hair is common, with pale eyes, flexible eyes, strange eyes, and a high and slightly bony nose, forming the focus of the face..   Temperament is as follows: willing to create group interests, loving the macro, free and independent, Ahead of Time, rational, calm, unruly, slightly alienated, willing to self-reform, brain structure different from ordinary people, almost genius.   The following is the style of acting: You always act on your own and seldom rely on others.. I don’t like to be bound by the rules. I don’t play cards according to the rules. I have my own set of solutions.. However, it can be solved all the time, sometimes making people feel confused, but you never care about outsiders’ eyes and let others talk about it on your own way..   The following contents of personality blind spot: sometimes too much insistence on one’s own point of view, easy conflict with others, too much pursuit of new things and differences, easy neglect of the advantages of traditional things, you can try to combine new things with tradition, perhaps with better results. Too much egoism will make people dislike it. It is better to pay a little attention to others’ feelings at ordinary times..   Personality characteristics include intelligence, strong curiosity, great emphasis on self, active thinking, and usually come up with some innovative ideas. In case of rising Aquarius, the wind-phase sun sign is especially active, helpful and influential in speaking, but it is also easy to talk about fire and appears grandiose.. However, when the fire sign of the sun meets the rising sign of Aquarius, it likes to be lively, treats people warmly, and will take the initiative to create a rich and colorful life, but occasionally speaking too loudly is easy to offend people.. The earth and water solar constellations will be more active and better integrated into the group when they meet..   Suitable for working in the following fields: space and aviation, electronics, information, electricity, photography, movies, occult science or philosophy, companies and professions related to uranium or radium.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.