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What are the characteristics of Capricorn in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: Capricorn in Ascendant always gives people a diligent and steady appearance, which is a move to achieve their goals step by step. Capricorn in Ascendant has a tenacious personality. He has a shy and conservative temperament.. Everything is planned and patient.. However, implicit is not good at expression and lacks sense of security..   The following are the potential characteristics: firm will, defying difficulties and taking on the role of a rock climbing expert for self-observation.   The specific characteristics are as follows: Ascendant’s Capricorn people are very responsible, serious and conservative, and responsible for their work. However, due to the influence of Capricorn, although they have many dreams in their hearts, they are often bound by the rules of reality and society, and doubt whether they can do it. Ascendant’s Capricorn people are upright in personality. However, because Capricorn is inherently insecure, only a stable material environment can give you a sense of security, and it is easy for them to bear greater pressure.. In the face of feelings and very conservative, it is difficult to open their hearts to accept other people’s kindness, do not know how to take the initiative to express their own thoughts.   Appearance features: large bones, deep skin color, second only to Scorpio, rigid movements. His nose is straight and his lips are thin..   Appearance of the following content: thin body, slump. Because the joints are thick and look particularly bony, the bones are well developed and durable.. Limbs are not strong, but endurance is hidden.. Good at delicate hand work, such as dentists, clock repair. Wide shoulders and narrow buttocks, tough appearance, young age.   The appearance includes the following contents: darker skin color and poor skin quality. Prominent cheekbones, slender nose, thin face and bony sensation. The jaw is narrow, the nasolabial folds is obvious, the lips are thin and firm, the tone is low, and the teeth are firm.. The eye socket is slightly concave and the eyes are stable.. Hair color is also deep, hair is not abundant..   Temperament is as follows: high self-discipline, implicit and conservative, poor expression, gloomy and serious heart, strong sense of responsibility, stable and reliable, strong structure, good organizational ability, hard work and progress, and in line with the expectations of the group.   The following contents of your style of action: you have strong self-discipline, firm will in the face of difficulties, responsible, steadfast and trustworthy, but keeping a distance from others and not liking excitement will inevitably make people feel too strict and restrained..   The following contents of personality blind spot: to suppress one’s emotions and Desire excessively is easy to suppress one’s emotions.. If we can get rid of the serious face, look at life with optimistic and cheerful attitude, and give full play to our humorous cells, life will become more beautiful.. Don’t give up your dream easily because of setbacks, because if you work hard enough and stick to it, your dream will come true one day..   The following are the characteristics of personality: personality is more rigorous and tries hard to be fair to people and things.. Abide by the law, maintain order, have strong patience, and work hard, rarely mind their own business. They give people a feeling of seriousness, even harshness. Sometimes they also give people a feeling of melancholy and modesty.. Capricornus’s pragmatic attitude can reconcile the emotional impulse of fire and Air Signs when the Sun signs of fire and wind rise in Capricornus. He works more carefully and has the opportunity to display his talents in leading positions.. However, the water-phase solar constellation is more stable and mature when it meets, and acts more decisively. It keeps a distance from people and does not like to join in the fun.. Earth Sun signs will be too serious and formal to pursue perfection when they meet..   Suitable for working in the following fields: management, industry, archaeology, finance, political wholesale trade, land, geology, etc. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.