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What does Ascendant think

Ascendant can check through the look-up table. Ascendant is different every month, every day and every hour. It changes at any time. First of all, you need to know what it means and what your constellation is..   The so-called Ascendant is the first constellation rising at the intersection of the eastern horizon and the ecliptic when you were born.. Ascendant is the first starting point of “fixing the palace” on the birth chart and the first palace. The first palace’s primary influence is related to personality.. In addition, the first palace also affects fu, temperament, well-being, physique, general situation, and my hobbies.   Ascendant belongs to western astrology, also known as the position of the birth star. Its changes depend on the time and place of birth.. Ascendant, however, has a crucial influence. You can see it as your soul or as a rudder in your life..   Ascendant look-up table January Ascendant February Ascendant March Ascendant April Ascendant May Ascendant June Ascendant July Ascendant August Ascending Constellation September Ascending Constellation October Ascending Constellation November Ascending Constellation December Ascending Constellation Music Original article, reprinted must indicate the source