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What are the characteristics of Cancer in Ascendant

Cancer in Ascendant is characterized by good understanding, adaptability and sense of responsibility.. They give people the impression that a mother’s love is full, caring for others is their instinct, especially for the weak, they are unable to cope.. Although they are afraid of strangers, they are a kind person and very close to each other.. Cancer people are emotionally vulnerable. Once their feelings are hurt, it may take a long time to heal them..   The following are the underlying characteristics: the implementation of emotions is attributed to a lifetime of management and self-awareness.   The specific characteristics are as follows: Ascendant is located in Cancer. They always build a deep protective shell, but this does not prevent them from caring for unfamiliar people. They bury their worries in the bottom of their hearts until they have accumulated deep feelings. Their inner sensitivity will affect their behavior, so they will appear very emotional..   The appearance features are as follows: round face, round eyes, low forehead, fair skin, short nose, good-looking and soft lips. The chest is plump, the buttocks are wide, and the female figure is very curvy..   The following contents of the appearance: the whole gives people a kind and lovely feeling. it is handsome in appearance, small in stature and short in hands and feet..   The appearance includes the following contents: hair color is lighter, supple, dense, and expression is rich..   Temperament of the following content: shy, shy, easy to blush with shame, often showing a cautious attitude.   The following contents of the style of action are: self-protection consciousness is very strong, it is easy to brood over a small matter, it is not confident enough for oneself even if it is only a small setback, it likes to build up feelings on family, friends and career, and it is more emotional..   The following contents of personality blind spot: one will judge the personality of others by one’s happy Elai.. Feelings often influence their judgment, and they are nostalgic. If they encounter emotional injuries, it will take a long time to recover..   The following are the characteristics of personality: gentle and gentle, giving people the feeling of being amiable and as comfortable as a spring breeze stroking the face. Fire, Wind, Sun and Ascendant Cancer meet to calm their inner feelings, while Earth, Sun, has a keener intuition, a cheerful personality and makes people want to be close to each other.. Water, like the sun sign, will be full of warmth, but dependence will increase..   Suitable for working in the following fields: occupation, music, poetry, fantasy creation, navy, film, theology, food business, hotel industry or medical work in contact with the public. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.