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What are the characteristics of Sagittarius in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: Sagittarius people in Ascendant are relatively open and extroverted, and dislike affectation and affectation.. The mobility and curiosity are so strong that the ascending archers cannot relax.. Love freedom, occasionally indulge themselves, it is easy to become irresponsible, and the mind is not mature enough.   The following are the underlying characteristics: having the blood of a tramp, yearning for a more The Far Country and pursuing the supreme truth.   The specific characteristics are as follows: Ascendant is located in Sagittarius and is a person who loves freedom.. I like to live my life at will, and I don’t like to let my behavior be forced by others or the environment.. Can use optimistic and confident attitude to face life challenges, and want to determine their own goals in life to go all out. When they get along with others, they always show warm attitude, treat people sincerely and enthusiastically, so they are also very popular with the people around them.. He is a true hunter. He is adventurous, ambitious and active. He always shows an optimistic and enterprising attitude in front of people and brings joy to people around him..   Appearance features include the following: facial features are not obvious, and the body is relatively strong, especially the legs.. The waist line is beautiful, and the hair is thick, black, bright and curly..   The appearance of the following content: people are tall and big, strong and straight, muscular, flexible limbs, slender legs, strong hips.   The features are as follows: broad forehead, long oval face shape and ruddy complexion. The distance between eyes is far away, the eyes are bright and straight, The Lips’s broad teeth are firm, his smile is often spread, his ears are slightly windy, and his helix is well developed.. Hair is curly and messy. It seems that it is not often managed. Middle-aged men are at risk of baldness..   Temperament of the following content: free, straight up and down, big and graceful behavior, lively and active, optimistic and frank, enthusiastic and heroic, good Dachimawa Lee rich sense of justice.   The following contents are included in the style of acting: acting too casually, speaking frankly, and sometimes saying some thoughtless comments directly and without taboo, hurting the other party’s heart.. If you have a goal, you will not be afraid of hardships and dangers. Even if you fail, dare to dare can face it bravely and optimistically..   The following contents of personality blind spot: there is often no plan before doing things, and as the mood comes, you often miss good opportunities.. Don’t know the world of the world, speak directly, communication field will not smooth handle the people, things and things around; Because I like to follow my feelings and have a selfish and irresponsible attitude towards feelings..   Personal characteristics include the following: idealistic feelings and artistic talent. Lively and cheerful, friendly, not short of friends. Like to travel, pursue and enjoy a free life.. The fire and wind solar constellations meet the rising Sagittarius, which can maintain a happy mood, create conditions to travel around the world, and make fun the center of life.. The encounter between the earth and water solar constellations can enhance confidence, broaden your mind, and like to communicate with people and share your thoughts and feelings..   Suitable for working in the following areas: freelance, military life, law, overseas agencies, sports, horse racing, commerce (especially import and export business),. Social welfare, judges and teachers. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.