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What are the characteristics of Scorpio in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: keen intuition and strong emotion are the most common characteristics of Scorpio people in Ascendant.. They have extremely hot feelings, but most of them are hidden deep, usually seem to be a more amiable person, generally do not erupt, when the outbreak is absolutely spewing out, with a strong deterrent force.   The potential characteristics are as follows: Scorpio, according to astrological books, Scorpio born in late autumn is the most complicated. Scorpio can mold itself into a suitable role in specific circumstances according to needs, and is a person who is good at living in masks..   The specific characteristics are as follows: you have a pair of extremely keen eyes, which can see the advantages and disadvantages of human weaknesses and opportunities.. In addition, people are often impressed by your mystique, selectivity, aggressiveness, fanaticism and uncompromising spirit.. Unreachable troubles often haunt you and make you feel exhausted.. Intense, is Scorpio’s outstanding personality performance. Great endurance makes you dare to face difficulties and overcome them.. No matter the complicated problems in life or emotion, not only will they not annoy you, but they will also add fun to your life..   The following are the physical features: Scorpio people are evil-looking, just like the leading male and female characters in the Taiwanese romantic novel inside. There are always a lot of people bewitched by Scorpio and obsessed with their mysterious temperament inside and unable to extricate themselves.. There are countless people who like them, but they always look indifferent and immerse themselves in their own world, inside..   The following contents of appearance: most women have a concave and convex figure, with wide forehead, high cheekbones, deep eyes, cut cheeks, thick eyebrows, thick hair, sexy lip shape, firm and powerful chin, aggressive eyes, medium stature, and precise and solid body. they have thick and short hard neck, or thick and long fuzz feeling, full and muddy beautiful hip shape and hip are the characteristics, while skin color, or overall trunk appearance and expression, shows a dark and rich color, precipitating an almost too dignified texture. in fact, it is a passionate and weathered texture.   Looks the following content: mostly has the deep double eyelid, the lip shape is extremely sexy, lets the human fill the fantasy.   Temperament The following: Scorpio is good at penetrating people’s hearts, and also makes people here in Ascendant have an unpredictable and mysterious temperament..   The style of action is as follows: calm, very determined, even a little stubborn. Once you set your goal, you will not let go easily, nor will you The accident. Think about it in the east and think about it in the west.. They will spend a lot of time laying out, waiting, and finally getting caught at one stroke.. Because they are conservative by nature and cautious in doing things, they seldom take risks. The secret of their success is to be steady and steady..   The following are the characteristics of personality: I like to take prudent and deliberate risks, and I am also very good at using my charm and charisma to achieve my desired goal..   The following contents are suitable for work: all mysterious things can arouse their interest.. They will show talent in medicine, chemistry, history or research work.. Has the special ability to reveal mysteries or clarify mystery problems.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.