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What are the characteristics of Libra in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: Librans in Ascendant are gentle, refined, easy-going and submissive.. No matter for Libra men or women, you can see these valuable female qualities, integrity, approachability, everywhere shining with the brilliance of personality charm.   The following are the underlying characteristics: unbearable loneliness, so when there is no lover, seek the company of friends.. But no matter how busy their social life is, they are just a lonely individual without Darling.. Even after the perfect union, Libras are still on their way to a perfect relationship and ideal state.. At this level, they like to manipulate the other half, which will eventually lead to emotional breakdown..   The specific characteristics are as follows: you are enthusiastic about what is happening around you, not only knowing the sequence of events, but also knowing when is best for success. Librans are the best at finding out who is congenial to them.. Their advantages are charm, gentleness, stable character, keen eyes and cooperative spirit.. The shortcomings are indecision, lack of candor and difficulty in understanding.. Excessive pursuit of elegant life, conformism, opportunism, attention to trivia, inattention and lack of firmness.   Appearance characteristics: The constellation with the most handsome men and beautiful women, therefore, Ascendant has charming potential in Libra.   The following contents of appearance: Libra women have ideal curves, medium height, and elegance that spans a lifetime.. The typical Libra man is not of a firm or muscular type.. They would rather have a slender figure, appear strong artistic feeling, or have scholar breath. He usually has broad shoulders and converges downward into a traditional V-shape..   Temperament the following content: affinity, gentle, or very moderate, with easy to be accepted by the public elegant.   The style of action includes the following contents: always pursue balance in your heart and do things easily indecisive..   Personal characteristics include fairness, objectivity, sense of justice, adaptability, appreciation of beauty, strong logic, good analysis, natural elegance, romantic The Art of Seduction, diplomatic skills, adaptability, flexibility and adaptability. But too much for fairness.   Suitable for the following work: art, drama, fashion, decoration, freelance, luxury business (especially cosmetics) and social life.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.