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Zhang Ying Ying case US grand jury indictment exposure or suspects face the death penalty

BEIJING, Oct. 9, according to news report, October 3, 2017, the US Federal Procuratorate Office announced that a grand jury for kidnapping suspect Zhang Ying Ying Christensen submit supplementary prosecution, new charges of kidnapping death。 In this regard, Zhang Zhidong family attorney gave his reviews。 According to reports, the main contents of the US grand jury indictment of translation is as follows: Data Figure: Zhang Ying Ying kidnapping suspects Christensen。
The first indictment charges (kidnapping in death) Grand Jury Charges: Christensen, the defendant in the June 9, 2017, in the central region of Illinois Champaign County, intentionally and illegally kidnapped, imprisoned, deception, abduction, kidnapping, abduction, hostage Zhang Ying Ying to meet their personal interests and objectives, leading to the death of Zhang Ying Ying。
In the crime, the defendant can use the interstate two tools: a mobile phone and a motorcycle Nora Saturn sedan。
This offense in violation of federal criminal law UnitedStatesCode, Chapter 18, section 1201 (A) (1) Festival。
The second and third terms are indicted on charges of perjury special resolution 1.The first indictment charges not repeated here。
2.For additional prosecution first charge, Christensen, the defendant: a.At least 18 years of crime (§3591 (a)), b.Ying Ying Zhang willful killing (§3591 of (a) (2) (A)), C.Intentionally causing serious bodily injury, resulting in the death of Zhang Ying Ying (§3591 of (a) (2) (B)); d.Intentional use of lethal force injury victims, this behavior is a direct result of the victim's death (§3591 of (a) (2) (C)); E.Intentional use of violence, and clearly this violence is likely to result in death, the use of such violence is a complete disregard for the victims of danger and led to its death (§3591 of (a) (2) (d))。
3.For additional counts of first prosecution added: a.Zhang Ying Ying died in the course of kidnapping (§3592 (C) (1)); B.Christensen use heinous cruelties victims of abuse (§3592 (c) in (6)), C.Christensen premeditated criminal acts and the implementation of its result in death (§3592 (C) (9))。 The following is a review of lawyer Wang Zhidong: Data Figure: Zhang Ying Ying。
First, additional evidence of the prosecution: The prosecution is clearly in the police investigation on the basis that there was sufficient evidence to prove the kidnapping of death, so that the additional prosecution of this substance。
Second, on penalties: only two possible penalty of death after kidnapping conviction: life imprisonment or the death penalty, which is simple and there are significant differences kidnapping of place。
Third, the program on the law: federal criminal prosecution, under the death penalty is a possible punishment, the case will need to be approved by the Minister of Justice。
Therefore, this case will go to Washington, DC in the future, by the federal prosecutor and the defense lawyer's Procuratorate jointly explain their position to a collegial panel composed of three individuals are usually the Ministry of Justice, the final decision by the Minister of Justice whether the case in accordance with capital offenses to prosecute。
Fourth, on the family's right to know: Zhang Ying Ying Zhang family has repeatedly question the evidence Ying Ying's murder to the FBI and federal prosecutors。 According to relevant laws and the United States to the victims and their families, FBI and prosecutors had disclosed one after another chapter to the family part of the evidence to the official explanation from June 30th chapter Ying Ying position that is considered dead。
Zhang family has also undertaken not to disclose relevant information to any person, in order to ensure a fair trial。 Meanwhile, Zhang Ying Ying before falling no final confirmation, the family is still unwilling to give up any possible hope。
Fifth, on the family's statement: Zhang Ying Ying know additional family after the prosecution said: "First of all, after we learned that police and prosecutors have more and more strong evidence that Ying Ying has left us, and we felt very painful sad。
Secondly, the progress of work for the police and the prosecution, and we are very pleased, and very grateful, and we hope as soon as possible suspects he deserves。
Finally, we have been the greatest desire to find Ying Ying soon as possible, take her home。
"Six, time trial on the merits: determine the current trial is to begin February 27, 2018, but due to the replacement of the defense counsel, the prosecution and the additional current to Washington, DC to wait for approval of the Ministry of Justice and some other reasons, the case of whether the trial time will be delayed again, at the next hearing should be aware of。
Seven next court: The second court arraignment time is October 11, 2017 half past two in the afternoon, the judge will routinely ask whether the defendant pleaded guilty, then arrange a formal trial date。 Editor: Fei Fan。