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What are the characteristics of Pisces in Ascendant

The basic characteristics are as follows: Pisces people in Ascendant like fantasy, have a delicate and sensitive perception of the surrounding environment, and have a character that makes people feel considerate and kind. Sometimes they are easy to be confused. Because they are compassionate, they sometimes sacrifice themselves to help others and become bad people in the eyes of others..   The following are the potential characteristics: people who are trapped in fantasy and become mere fantasy, sacrifice themselves and are willing to offer specific characteristics: people who fall into Pisces have sensitive insight and can distinguish human nature. When they see the ugly flour of things, they will get tired of real life and begin to fantasize about beautiful things.. Feelings are very delicate, always considerate of others, with the spirit of helping others, but at the same time it can also cause the people around you to have Desire that they want to protect.. I like to devote myself to nature, feel the aura of heaven and earth, the vitality of life and forget the troubles of life.. I am very eager for love, so I will attach great importance to my lover, and will also maintain the established relationship with my heart..   Appearance characteristics include the following: large eyes, pouch, and more than half of myopia or hyperopia. Soft hair, petite body, thin majority.   The following aspects of appearance: petite, round, broad hips, more meat than bone, pale skin color, soft meat, although hard dieting cannot completely change the prototype..   The facial features are as follows: rich hair, soft and smooth hair, long wavy hair, soft face, a pair of sleep eyes, hazy and unfocused eyes, affectionate and kind eyes, small nose, moderate size, soft and plump lips, full of smiles, soft voice, and very sweet tone..   Temperament of the following content: rich imagination, extraordinary creativity, strong intuition, casual, ambiguous confused, romantic ecstasy, divorced from reality.   The style of action is as follows: you are aggressive in your actions, but once you encounter setbacks, you will lose confidence in yourself and even choose to give up. unless someone gives you a helping hand or encourages you, you will be able to cheer up.. You are also very considerate of others and have a fearless spirit of sacrifice..   Personality Blind Spot The following contents: Using fantasy to escape from reality is not the solution to the problem. Without enough hazard awareness, you should learn to face bravely and look at life optimistically and positively.. You are too emotional, sentimental, weak-willed, lacking the courage to face the reality, easy to fall into depression and unable to set aside, easy to form the habit of lying, not good at financial management, affected by the environment, lack of rationality and emotional use.. Don’t always expect sympathy and help from others, only strength and independence can make you grow up..   The following are the characteristics of personality: gentle and considerate, extremely sympathetic, rich in emotion, very considerate of others’ feelings and feelings. The fire and wind solar constellations will be more optimistic and positive when they encounter rising Pisces. Although there will be occasional depression, they will soon become clear in mind.. However, the encounter with the earth sun sign can weaken the obstinacy of the earth sign and make it get along better with people.. If you encounter the water-phase solar constellation, you will be too passive and conservative, your thoughts will be hard to let go, you will not dare to show your abilities, and your abilities will be looked down upon by others..   Suitable for the following jobs: music, dance, stage art creation, painting and other professions that require imagination, foreknowledge and artistic appreciation.. Charities, veterinarians, navy, hotel industry or fringe science research work are also suitable for them.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.