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What are the characteristics of Gemini in Ascendant

Gemini in Ascendant is characterized by general flexibility and quick response to many things.. Have a facile tongue, with a good eloquence, can be astute and nimble in grasping the propriety of speaking.. Due to super-strong curiosity, I will try new things continuously, but I lack patience and often have a fever of three minutes, giving people a feeling of unreliability.. Rising Gemini should pay attention to defining their own goals and not forget their own original will.   The following are the potential characteristics: acquiring new knowledge and covering many fields. the following are the specific characteristics: the rising stars fall into Gemini, who are very active in thinking, good at chatting with others on various topics, and often come up with some nonsense or creative ideas. However, many times thinking may only be new but lacks depth.. No matter how old you are, you always keep a young heart.. I have strong curiosity and like to contact with all kinds of people and things in order to get fresh stimulation experience. I can quickly absorb new knowledge and organize all kinds of information to persuade others with my excellent eloquence..   Appearance of the following content: thin body slim and thin. Big head, narrow shoulders, light and lively, responsive, self-expression will be accompanied by many exaggerated gestures, natural model body, feeling very neutral.   The facial features are as follows: more hair, back hair line, high and round forehead, looks very smart, small and pointed chin, and face with inverted triangle. Eyes follow the mind, flexible and unstable, nose thin, lips thin and flexible, hair color and skin color tend to be light tone.   Temperament of the following content: changing personality is elusive, curious, intelligent, strong learning ability, versatile plasticity is great.   The style of action is as follows: the mind moves very fast, can quickly detect each other’s thoughts and feelings, and has a good response.. However, it is difficult to remain silent and not very patient to listen to others slowly.. He is a quick and very capable person who does things in a very important way, but he often gives people an impression of not being calm without thinking..   The following contents of personality blind spot: although they are interested in everything, and are willing to learn it, and have the ability to learn it well, they refuse to go deep into it, and none of them are proficient in it at last.. Too smooth, easy to nervous, let a person feel unreliable, not concentrate. If you want to settle down and stick to it, you will certainly make some achievements in one area..   The following are the characteristics of personality: showing strong curiosity about new things, being responsive and being more easy-going. Although the fire sign of the sun appears impetuous and impulsive, Gemini will be more harmonious, considerate of others and give people the impression of being lively and easy to get along with.. However, when they meet the earth and water solar constellations, they are compatible with sensibility and rationality, friendly to others and popular with people.. If the wind is in the sun sign, it will be more humorous, but it will also be easy to talk too much..   Suitable for working in the following areas: journalists, cameramen, writers, interpreters, orators, traveling salesmen, businessmen, brokers, and all occupations related to travel or foreign countries. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.