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What does Ascendant mean

Ascendant is the Birthday Constellation. Ascendant refers to the constellation rising on the eastern horizon at the moment when you and I were born. It is one of the zodiac constellations, not a star.. The characteristics of Ascendant will be revealed in our subconscious mind. Its power will gradually increase after 40 years old, and it will firmly lock you in the general direction of life.. Ascendant plays a very important role in astrology. It affects people’s real self and shows a series of reflections without thinking. Therefore, Ascendant is not only a mask, but also a constellation that strongly affects our character and heart than the Sun constellation..   Ascendant is lively and active for Aries and lacks patience.. The earth and water solar constellations encounter rising Aries, which can stimulate vitality, enhance self-confidence and motivation, and possess business mind and creativity.. However, Aries and Some Like It Hot, the rising constellation of the Fire Sun, are the generals in charge. They either do not move or move, which is astonishing. They can easily become the focus of public attention..   Ascendant is cautious and courteous in dealing with people in Taurus, and is not decisive in dealing with people.. The patience and carefulness of Taurus can reconcile the impetuousness and recklessness of the fire sign when it encounters the rising Taurus, while the motivation and outward perception of the fire sign can make Taurus more lively and popular.. However, Taurus, the Earth Sun sign rising, is very reserved and works more carefully, giving people a sense of reliability and trust..   Ascendant is a Gemini with quick response and irritability. The fire sign of the sun is impetuous and impulsive, but Gemini will be more harmonious and considerate of others, giving people the impression of being easy to get along with.. However, when they meet the earth and water solar constellations, they are compatible with sensibility and rationality, friendly to others and popular with people.. However, the encounter with the wind-phase sun sign will be more humorous, but it will also become easy to talk too much..   Ascendant is full of love and warmth for Cancer. The fire and wind solar constellations will be richer in inner feelings, favorable for thinking and peace of mind in case of rising Cancer.. However, when the Earth Sun constellation meets it, the intuition will be more acute, both strong and emotional. It often puts a bright and cordial smile on the face, making people want to be close to it.. The water-phase solar constellation will be more introverted, gentle and more dependent when it comes to it..   Ascendant is generous and generous for Leo and has the temperament of a king.. The fire sign sun meets Leo rising, it will be more bright and clear in dealing with people and friends all over the world, but it is too angry to offend people without realizing it.. The earth and water phases of the sun sign meet, with softness and firmness, sensibility and self-confidence. They will become fond of communicating with people and have many friends. However, they hold the attitude of “A hedge between keeps friendship green. is as light as water” and have few friends in their whole life..   Ascendant is a virgo who is meticulous and likes to care about things.. The fire sign, the wind sign, the sun sign and the rising virgo will be more serious and careful in their study and work. they will also be more principled in their dealings with others, but they will not be too stubborn.. However, when the water-phase sun meets the stars, it is considerate, caring for people and not too sticky. It should be handled appropriately.. However, when the Earth Sun signs up in Virgo, it tends to daydream and is too harsh on people and themselves..   Ascendant is a Libra with strong communication skills.. The wind-phase sun constellation meets the rising Libra. It is intelligent and contagious, but it is also easy to be lax, saying more and doing less and not being practical enough.. However, the encounter with the fire sign Sun will give people the impression of being easy-going and easy to get along with, with strong motivation and more calm in dealing with others.. The earth and water solar constellations will become more flexible, gentle, generous, gregarious and have their own unique ideas..   Ascendant is mysterious and sensitive to Scorpio. The water-phase sun sign, Scorpio, will tend to be timid, afraid of being hurt, and keep a long distance from others.. However, they can protect their relatives and friends very well and will show a very strong flour for important people.. However, when the fire sign and the wind sign of the sun sign rise to Scorpio, the understanding will be enhanced and people will behave more calmly and rationally.. When the earth sun signs meet, their temperament will be softer..   Ascendant pursues freedom for Sagittarius and is lively and cheerful.. The fire and wind solar constellations meet the rising Sagittarius, which can maintain a happy mood, create conditions to travel around the world, and make fun the center of life.. However, the attitude will also be more casual, lack of patience and a little short-tempered.. The encounter between the earth and water solar constellations can enhance confidence, broaden your mind, and like to communicate with people and share your thoughts and feelings..   Ascendant is cautious and practical for Capricorn and has strong working ability.. Capricornus’s pragmatic attitude can reconcile the emotional impulse of fire and Air Signs when the Sun signs of fire and wind rise in Capricornus. He works more carefully and has the opportunity to display his talents in leading positions.. However, the water-phase solar constellation is more stable and mature when it meets, and acts more decisively. It keeps a distance from people and does not like to join in the fun.. The Earth Sun signs will pursue better and be too serious and formal when they meet..   Ascendant is active in thinking for Aquarius and treats people warmly.. In case of rising Aquarius, the wind-phase sun sign is especially active, helpful and influential in speaking, but it is also easy to talk about fire and appears grandiose.. However, when the fire sign of the sun meets the rising sign of Aquarius, it likes to be lively and will take the initiative to create a rich and colorful life, but occasionally speaking too loudly is easy to offend people.. The earth and water solar constellations will be more active and better integrated into the group when they meet..   Ascendant is a Pisces with rich emotions and does not dare to show them.. The fire and wind solar constellations will be more optimistic and positive when they encounter rising Pisces. Although there will be occasional depression, they will soon become clear in mind.. However, the encounter with the earth sun sign can weaken the obstinacy of the earth sign and make it get along better with people..If you encounter the water-phase solar constellation, you will be too passive and conservative, and your mind will be hard to let go.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.