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Love story of the last century

RMB female tractor driver of love in April 1962, there was a valiant female tractor driver on one yuan of the issue, she is at the time of model workers Liang Jun, a few years later, she has become a grandmother beam with love their parents participated in the search for love story activities.Speaking of ups and downs and his wife experienced together, remember Grandma Liang: Remember when I was 12 years old when my mother in order to marry his brother to change money, give me find my husband, fiance is my cousin, the old society is like this, although I promised the mother’s request, but also raised my condition, that is reading, I remember I was 12 years old, 14-year-old fiance.Liang grandmother’s story just the beginning, it attracted everyone’s attention, Liang grandmother continues his right: held a simple engagement ceremony after I went to school, and after reading the book I went back four or five years fiance home to do child bride, then her fiance had gone to participate in the anti-Japanese, but then I look for him, and hope to participate in anti-Japanese, in his help I became a teacher.When the beam grandmother after the teacher always feel that they have a marriage in the body, can not have any idea, but in a learning process, she met her Mr. Right Zuo’s.The two fall in love.So Grandma Liang wrote to her fiance, relieved that pile feudal arranged marriage, the establishment of a relationship with Zuo.Then in learning, I met him, he felt all the conditions are good, so I wrote to the leaders to solicit their views, after their approval and dare him to learn together, chat together, but still nothing represents.Memories here, Liang grandmother face a happy smile, we have maintained such a simple relationship until later leaders are urging us to get married, I was still a little afraid, but also the students around until we got married, before we know we fall in love.The story of Liang grandmother let everyone think of the youngest and quiet autumn period dare not openly love, but Grandma Liang Jing Qiu and help the youngest continuation of this wonderful story.Grandma Liang and his wife eventually entered the marriage hall, the young and fit, they also have some small friction, Grandma Liang smiled and said: At that time I was ‘model worker’, there are a lot of people have wanted to be with me the meaning of wife at that time often ask me, he finally admitted that he was eating ‘vinegar fly’.After steadfast love, who live not only did not bring unpleasant episode for the beam grandmother and his wife’s life, but to make them more loving, successfully gone through a few years of marriage the way, let us see, true love needs through wind and rain but never fade.Father Andrew Huang Feng fifty cents if the beams of love grandma love is “haw Love” perfect version of their story seems to be a continuation of complete quiet autumn and the youngest of love, then the well-known comedy actor Andrew’s parents are told us that era, fathers another love.Andrew’s father, Huang Feng has eighty-old, talking about the love he and his wife, the old man of his voice: We have not met before marriage, parents arranged marriages, I remember when I was in the room, his wife from my room through the door, they asked me if I did not see my mother in order to allow satisfactory, said saw, even if the marriage set the.Huang Feng old man and his wife first met in the army: My sister came to me with her, that I first saw her, we were first married, the love.The arranged marriage was completely unfamiliar to let two young men suddenly came together, had played a married life, it also brought a lot of problems, I’ve read high school, but she no culture, there is no way the beginning of the exchange life there are a lot of friction, there are many unhappy.While unhappy time of life, one thing completely changed the idea of yellow maple elderly: One time I was sick, the family was so poor that there is no sort of money, but she told me she had fifty cents, and this is my five cents two years ago, to her, she actually put the body for two years, so I am particularly impressed particularly.Later, Huang Feng elderly often tell their children: we have a family heirloom, is your mother for two years to save five cents.Later life better and better Huang Feng happy couple together for sixty years of marriage, five years ago, Andrew mother had a serious illness, almost lost language skills, Huang Feng said the old man: she is ill when I am afraid, afraid if she is gone, I really do not know how to do at home.The meticulous care of the elderly Huang Feng, his wife gradually restored to health, when a reporter asked Andrew Mother, how is her husband, Andrew mother said only one word: good.It contains just one word a thousand words, love is the way to find passion in the flat, find eternity in the long.To recommend the latest information sauna