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Doom, leaving the game

Leng Leng looking at the computer screen a little fat ignorant, I think I have a dismissive, that is the coming of the end of 2012.Woods showed me a video, laughing about the 2012 end of the world, I do not care to say, how you believe this, it is impossible to events I said to myself not to leave their life thought it would be negative.[Outbreak] Just yesterday, I was in front of the woods, he gave me a cup heavy fall to the ground, because the word woods annoyed me, I yelled at him, my head was a mess I admit that I am violent, ears ringing, followed by all the things on the table all fell to the ground, destroying let my heart get quiet.Woods let me roll his eyes firm looked at me, I do not say how you roll, Then I called him a bitch.While I was crying curse: what I say, I do not care how people say, can you see me I feel heart felt the sting, like the great grievances, no place to vent.Glass fragments fell to the ground, I get the floor was full of water, I suddenly feel a little relieved, I do not know the kind of repression come from, I do not expect I will forgive woods.Like that broke the cup, I was very disappointed woods of the woods I picked up the cup, and I am exactly the same couple cups, then also fell to the ground, I said, this is just great two cups broken, we two finish off the woods say I’m crazy, for the first time to see him cry look in his eyes, despair, anger or depression, and finally bang when the bang, stormed off the room for a moment of silence, I slumped on the ground, looking at the floor debris, broken heart I hate myself, I blame their own.Waste, I think I think I did not run, said the same just like woods, in addition to be fought, I can not do anything.I started crying the next few days, although I and woods and good, but he has been stagnant, and sometimes do not speak one day, and then himself went downstairs, bought a bunch of ice cream up, sat at the computer eating.I hugged him from behind him, he does not speak.[Play with life, do not be too serious] I thought I was crazy, I’m busy, I’ll toss me happy.Sometimes the troubles encountered in life, after really think about nothing, but I put them in the brain are magnified, I should think about how to solve, rather than in front of a problem noises and nothing is hard on.Look at the hands of the micro-channel contacts, to stop a person’s name Jason I spent a lot of courage, but pretending to be calm greeted him.He should have removed my friends!Suddenly was a little empty, once I choose not to contact, I say that we are inappropriate.But now I have the cheek to say hello to him and how it?Really served their own.Yes ah, on what basis people standing love waiting for you?Woods once told me that he did not want to get married, I said why, he said he afraid of marriage, do not want to go to meet women.I heard shocked, I said, how is it because you know me?I’ll give you all the harm, I do not love women begin?I laughed [not afford, do not you relied on trumpet] leopard sister, how about this woman, you can use a word to describe is: very sexy show.Cancer woman is very boring show, of course, many variations, she is different from the amazing twin, but she is on a starred overbearing queen, the next has become the darling of your arms.Her mood depends on your attitude to her.Leopard sister likes to play with people around her SM, there was a time I did not love the contact with her, because she told me she saw me those romantic thing last night, also tired of hearing a lot of.Sometimes I can only return to the symbolic significance of her a smile.Keren always bitchy when it’s busy, last month met Momo, a daughter S, and I put her sister Bao, the results did not expect Bao sister in SM circles mix quite familiar, Momo also recognize.This booing both men say that I want to transfer.I admit that I have a tendency meters in front of a woman, but Bao sister does play a bit too much, know some so-called S women in night games, in fact, all the stuff to go to bed, I said that the offer to play with them and the public tone.I do not agree then asked.Between the words, but also with Jisi contempt, she guessed I would not agree.I said: Bao sister so sexy, so how can I open you next words I did not say.Sister Bao said, I am usually listening to be able to brag B, to make it real is finished.I wonder.SM play you do not play with the group of people.Distrust unfamiliar, to ask for time.Some self-proclaimed queen, in fact, it is a chicken.Do not they want how noble.