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Doo-law wife’s mother

Once there was an old woman raising three daughters, the eldest daughter and two daughters married into the county’s high door big, with the exception of three daughters phase of a farmer.Parents fail to beat three daughters, had no choice but to fulfill the marriage.Mid-year, the three-door visit mother-in-law, he was riding a donkey, pack a bag full of millet and lay a new mother came to the door.Old mother saw that outfit that soil and soil eye brow like Zhang, it is full of angry, unhappy face child.About to eat lunch, the old mother-in-law the day before the two leftover ribs picked up a stew in the pot, and before steaming child, it was served at the table.Three-in-law saw these facial features and benefits of the old mother, he did not take even chopsticks.At this time, just the temple bell sounded, he has a sense of Dayton, they pretend to ask old mother Niangshui: You say you eat meat bell?Mother an old stomping again and again, angrily said: stupid son, the bell is iron, how to eat meat bell!Three son pretending to wake up, in turn, said: The clock can not eat, the bell can not even eat the bones can.Old mother snappily said: you lose a few of the big live twenty.Three son pointing to lift the ribs on the table, you said clock bones can not eat, why you want to end this on a bone plate.After listening to feel old mother hesitated and do anything, and quickly removed the bones on the table, the whole back seat to the three-in-law.