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Donkey to deal with foxes, wild dogs and wolves

Once there was a donkey.It is able-bodied, the owners pity it is not, call it to work every day.Later, its pressure off the spine, two feet lame, covered from top to bottom, are large-sized scar, appeared to be able to breathe.The cruel master arm with a thick stick, it arrived even people can not see the shadow of wilderness.Donkey a long sigh and said: “Oh, this is my hard work harvest!”It is lamenting his fate when a fox and wolf led the jackal, he went around the donkey.Wolf big mouth, drooling said: “Haha!Last night, the wolf I had a dream I eat meat like an oven, drinking bright red blood, it really works!”Then the wolf, jackal and fox grimace in pain, we must start work.Donkey very humbly said: “Well!This is the first I hardy livestock owners are lost in the wilderness.If so unlucky to be alive, it is better to all of you feast on dead easy.However, I really skinny, skin is the body except the bones, kind of you to eat me, I’m really sorry to give you for food, fix also hurt you on the mouth.Is not wait until next year summer, I eat grass, meat, fat, thick oil, eat again.”After listening to the fox, we continue to shake the long tail, opposition.It wolf said: “The wolf lord, say stupid donkey, that’s right.It is often something mule to town, with people learning it can be smart!Said it just said it, until the summer of next year, it ran how to do “donkey immediately replied:” Fox sister, please do not suspicious.My leg off a donkey, can it say where to escape, this is the prairie wolf lord of the world, I wanted to run not run it!”The fox and try to be smart to say,” Well!Well, this year’s time, how to do the heavens subsidence how do you bury the dust how to do “donkey no alternative but to visit some family in his neighborhood when the grantor.Rabbit guarantees sky will not fall, so until now the eyes are always looking up to heaven; wild boar not guarantee the fall, so until now always whining staring at the ground; whirlwind guarantee prairie dust does not accumulate, so until now still kept sweeping the ground.Over the past winter, spring is coming; past spring, summer came.Donkey for a sufficient rest, eat grass rich, it is a wound healing, the flexible legs, shiny fur, covered strength have to be tired.On this day, the wolf led the two partners foxes and jackals, specifically to eat donkey.They saw donkey Biaofei flesh, one greedy mouth water, rushes to the scrambling donkey.Donkey hoof quickly stopped and said: “Gentlemen, please slow hands.Since you want to eat me, I think we should eat comfortably.Now, I have a sturdy body, great strength was terrible.You bite me, I would have pain; pain, I would howling, kicking it will, it will run away!That may be how to do it, “the big bad wolf and fox, jackal, saw a donkey so strong, but also a little worried.Donkey thought and said: “Gentlemen, so be it!Each of you looking for a rope ox hair, a wig on his neck, one tied to my waist.Until then, I donkey is to have the strength of an elephant, there is no way to rebel.”Three feel justified, fox very proud to say:” Look, as I said before, the donkey is not stupid thing!”In this way, the big bad wolf, fox and jackal, each finding a rope tied to a donkey in the body, a caps on his neck.Just hang the rope, he made a kamikaze run donkey, took three ferocious beast, over a hill, and climbed a hill.Fox has long been strangled, jackal skins are cut stone, turned over; there is only one breath wolf, fox directed cursed; “You bitch, lying on the ground to see what is playing Lai jackal brother how Maili Qi, also take off the robe with skin!”Wolf not finished, donkey and hard running, it has also been strangled alive.Since then, the donkey in the wilderness, free to live for several years.About: Chengguan District of Lhasa City, Xidan benefits by April 20, 1979 documenting December 17, 1981