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Lantern Festival origin and customs that I could ever be false Lantern

Lantern Festival origin and customs that I could ever be false Lantern。 Spring Festival is the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival after New Year also marks had finished, then what is the origin of the custom of the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern Festival to eat what there is why let us work together to explore the Lantern rice balls below the origin and customs bar to see the origins and customs of the Lantern Festival is how the formation of。
Lantern Festival origin and customs: First, the origin of the Lantern Festival: Lantern Festival fifteenth day from Buddhist monks Buddhist concept relic, lighting Jingfo。 Eastern Han Emperor Ming period, Emperor Ming to promote Buddhism, the fifteenth day of the first month I heard that Buddhist monks have a view of the Buddha relic, lighting Jingfo practice, ordered that day night lighting to worship in the temple and the palace, so that the common people are hanging lights Nobles, also formed a Lantern Festival lanterns。 Later, the Buddhist ritual folk festival gradually formed a grand festival。 The festival experienced by the court to the people, from the Central Plains to the country's development process。 When the Han Emperor has ordered the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival as。
Han Dynasty, "a God too" festival set in the fifteenth day。 (Taichi: God of the universe dominated all of)。 When Sima Qian created "in the beginning calendar", the Lantern Festival had been identified as the major festivals。
Another one said that the custom originated in the Lantern Festival Lotus Lantern Taoist "Three to say"; roadway section fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, July 15 for the Hungry Ghost Festival, October 15 to。 The main pipe, in the triple were days, the three official person, day official joy, so Spring Festival to EEP。 Lantern festivals and folk festival activities, with the development of history is extended, expanded。
On feasts length, the Han Dynasty was one day to three days the Tang Dynasty, Song is as long as five days since the Ming Dynasty is the eighth day of lighting until the first month seventeen night was off lights, full ten days。 In contact with the Chinese New Year, the day for the city, crowded, night EEP, spectacular。 In particular, that delicate, colorful lights, making it more active during the Spring Festival climax。
To the Qing Dynasty, but also increased the dragon and lion dances, solemn ceremony, stilts, dancing and other "acrobatics" content, but Festa shortened to four to five days。
Second, the Lantern Festival Why eat rice balls pass Han Dynasty palace there was a maid, called "Lantern" long secluded in the palace, missing parents, sobbing。 Dongfang Shuo determined to help her, and then lied to the Han Dynasty, Emperor Vulcan behest of fire in the fifteenth day of Changan, to escape the catastrophe, the only way is to let the "Lantern girl" This day do a lot of Vulcan in the fifteenth day eat rice balls, lanterns worship by all subjects。
Emperor quasi-outs, "Lantern" the girl finally meet his family, after which, they formed the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival custom of eating rice balls spread to at this time。
Lantern Festival custom of eating rice balls about the formation of the Song Dynasty。
According to the record, when the Tang Dynasty, Lantern eat "surface cocoon" "not round off the corners"。
To the Southern Song Dynasty, a "lactose Mariko," which should be the predecessor of rice balls。 Zhou Bida Song wrote "cook Lantern floating Mariko," the poem, there are "dark clouds where stars Chan, beads floating in the muddy water," the poem。
Until the Ming Dynasty, "Lantern" in the title is more and more。